February 18, 2015

A Pep Talk: This. Is. Your. Life.

A friend gave me a wise piece of advice the other day "find one thing a day that you can look forward to, and keep you eye on that prize"(something along those lines).

Lately the struggle to get out of bed and find motivation for anything has been hard. Between the never ending snow, cold temperatures, and a job that I am not a fan of, there has been little to look forward too. Today though, I gave my self a pep talk, a much needed one. I thought I'd give it to you too.

Dear You,

You may hate your job. You may wish you made more money. You may wish you had more free time. You may hate where you live because of the multiple feet of snow staring back at you outside your window or because of the extremely bitter temperatures. You may wish your life resembled someone else's.

Well, darling, THIS. IS. YOUR. LIFE. 

You can't have anyone else's. Pick your crying and frustrated self up off the floor and figure out how to make your life better. You get one life to make a difference, to leave your mark, to spread love, to live out your dreams. Sure there will be days where you hate everything and you can stay in bed on those days with a carton of ice cream while you watch repeat episodes of Gilmore Girls, but you can't live every day like that. You need to go out into the world and look for the good. Find one good thing each day to focus on, to look forward to. Find that silver lining. Trust me, its worth it to find the good. 

Work on changing the things that make you unhappy, the things that don't fill you with joy. You deserve to be happy, you are worth it. So don't let anyone tell you you're not. You are good enough to live out your dreams, you may need to stick out some of the tough stuff to get there, but you will get there. Write your dreams down. Draw them out. Scream them from the roof tops. Whatever you do, do not get complacent with where you are, don't you dare settle, because girl you deserve more. More love. More happiness. More laughter. More joy.

Today is a new day. Start fresh. Make that cup of coffee and just soak up the fact that you were put on this world to do great things and find that moment of happiness in your day to carry you through when the going gets tough.

Cheers to a new day & a fresh lens to view it through.


February 12, 2015

One Little Word: February

At the start of 2015 I chose a word to carry me through the year, a word that meant something to me and a word that I wanted to make mean more in my life. 

I chose Nourish. 

I chose 4 all encompassing categories to focus on: self, work, relationships, and home. 

Here is a little February update:

Self // This is probably the category I need to focus more on. I definitely haven't been eating well and I can't say I have been taking care of myself great either, too much caffeine to get me through my days and too much processed foods. 

Work //  Starting a job is hard, but I think I am slowly starting to learn the ropes and really find my niche within my work. I love my kiddos and families but I need to accept the hard parts better. 

Relationships // This is the area that has been going the best, I have been making time for date nights and time with friends. I have also been over extending myself a bit, late nights every night make for a really cranky not pleasant version of myself. I need to find a better balance in this area. 

Home // We are still living in Bow with my mom which has been really nice, spending time with her and saving money has been great. We are apartment hunting, but taking our time to find something we love. I definitely miss having a place to call our own, but the break has been nice and we are grateful to be here. 

Did you chose a word for 2015?

February 11, 2015

Workspace Wednesday: 5 iPhone apps that increase work flow

I am starting a new series on Wednesday and it will be as the post title says "Workday Wednesday" these posts will be focused on business, behind the scenes, current projects...etc. Anything pertaining to the 'work' of this blog.

To kick it off I thought I would start with a techy post:

5 apps that increase my work flow and help streamline my work and maximize my time

1 >> Microsoft OneNote
This powerful app allows me to keep ideas in one places, notes to myself and from others, and it can sync with OneNote on my computer as well. I love the ease and compatibility between each device, if you haven't tried it, go do it!

2 >> Pandora
Pandora helps me focus when my mind is off in 800 other areas. My go to station to help me focus is Explosions in the Sky. No words just awesome music relaxing music.

3 >> Mailbox 
I choose to use the Mailbox app over the normal mail app because I like the features it offers. Clean up is fast, just swipe the right to delete or archive, saving for thing for later is just as easy, swipe to the left to put it in a folder or have it come back to you at a different time. They are beta testing a desktop version too which I have been using and the compatibility between my phone and laptop is great so far.

4 >> Day One 
This is not a productivity app, but rather a tool I use to help me with Project Life and to keep a reminder of the day to day stuff we do. You snap a picture and then write a short caption, before you know it each day has something and it makes writing those blog post weekly reviews easier or can act as a reminder of the days events when you go back to scrapbook.

5 >> Teux Deux
The greatest to do list app out there. This is literally just a to do list app. You go on write down what you have to get done for the day and then cross it off when you finish it. The app also lets you create 'someday' lists or any other list you may need to write. I am still a paper planner kind of girl, but this is a quick reference guide to my to do list. The more places I have it written and the more reminders I leave myself the more likely I am to get it done.