October 11, 2014

weekend reading

Taking a little break from the blog to enjoy all things falls has been wonderful. I am itching to share some recent projects and recipes with you all and I'll be back to a more regular blogging schedule come Monday!

We have been busy apple picking, eating cider donuts & trying pumpkin coffee from all the different coffee shops around town. I know I promised a project life update, and I have one coming I PROMISE, it took a little longer then planned to catch up! I already have a plan in place for 2015, to stay better on top of things!

Some reading for your weekend...

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October 1, 2014

Hello, October.

this gorgeous print is from the very talented Anna

The scent of fall has taken over, the leaves have started to change, candles are being burned, blankets are being used, and October is here. I sat on the couch this morning, sipping pumpkin spice coffee and catching up on the most recent episode of Parenthood. It was the perfect way to welcome October. 

October is my month. It has been a rough few months, but when the leaves start to change over and the air starts to change it feels refreshing & full of new promise. I am taking hold of October and I am going to live with intention this month. Out goes all the stress and anxiety from the past few months, in comes joy and nourishment. I am so ready for October, it is going to be good guys, full of pumpkin and promise. 


September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Top 3

Top 3 brands:

J.Crew...everything & anything from here.

Lululemon...their running clothes make me a happy girl, if only they were not outrageously priced.

Gap...they have really awesome, well priced clothes, BUT sometimes you pay for what you get, their sweaters snag easily.

Top 3 running must haves:

Garmin Forerunner...I love knowing my miles and pace

Sport Beans...these guys are magic & delicious.

RoadID...I don't have a bracelet, but I am thinking about getting one. I currently have something similar that slips on my sneaker laces.

Top 3 favorite Etsy shops:

Heart & Arrow Design Boutique...her products are just so adorable.

NSPottery...I have two of her mugs and really want to buy another one. Plus, her jewelry is awesome!

Brim Papery...her prints are gorgeous, really loving this one lately.