26 August 2014

a letter to myself & you

Dear You, 

There comes a time when you have to let go of the anxiety, the fear, and the self doubt. You have to get outside of your own head that tells you, you can't do it, you are not smart enough or talented enough. There comes a point where there is no room for the doubt & fear, it is time to make space for more. For more happy, for more positivity, for more dreaming, for more living.

Stop playing the comparison game. 
Stop playing the what if game.

Stop caring about what other people think, because the only people that you should value are the ones that would show endless support and love through the oh so terrible times and the oh so magical times. In the wise words of T.Swift "haters gone hate, so shake it off, shake it off." Seriously, shake it off, let it go, move on and take that leap that you have been too scared to take. Give this life the absolute best version of yourself, because you only get one life, and I promise this life is worth taking leaps and risks for. 

So what if you fail? At least you tried. Failure teaches you something. It teaches you how to be more humble, how to get back up when you crash, how to fight for something if you truly want it. Put in your best effort, put forward your best self and if you fail don't lose hope, don't give up, shake it off, and get. back. up. Because you only truly fail if you stay down and give up. You only truly fail if you stop dreaming, stop fighting, stop believing and stop loving. 

Life is going to knock you around, but you got this. 
Dream big.
Have faith.
Love whole heartedly. 
Don't. Give. Up. 
and breath.


25 August 2014

Currently: August

Currently I am...

wishing for this week to be over and done with.

loving that pumpkin stuff is EVERYWHERE, but wish it wasn't going to be fall so soon.

wanting this vest from J.Crew 

anticipating my board exams...I can't even handle the stress

laughing at the show The Office, first time watching it!

reading If I Stay, I already saw the movie which makes it harder to get through the book now that I know the ending. 

enjoying time with new friends, while training for a half marathon! 

eating salad, lots and lots of salads

dreaming of  winning my Fantasy Football leagues this year.  

thinking about how I need to pass my board exams.

creating and brainstorming fall projects to share.

voting for one of my closest friends and this awesome contest and you should too.

08 August 2014

Nicole & Rob Engagement Session

Wedding weekend is here! One of my closest friends is getting ready to say "I do". This is the first wedding I have been in since my own, and it brings back such good memories. I know that the two of them will have a long and happy life together, I am so lucky I get to celebrate with them this weekend. I was also honored that they let me snap some engagement photos of them, I thought it would be a good time to share a few of my favorites.