September 2, 2015

Work Space Wednesday: Planner Review

I have a problem when it comes to planners, I am addicted. Like completely addicted. Making lists is my go to for decreasing my stress. I love strolling the aisle at target where they have the notebooks and planners, I could search on Easy for days looking at all the handmade planners, and don't get me started on list making apps/planner apps. I thought I would give you a little glimpse of what I am using currently.

Get to Work Book // There was a lot of hype about this one and I definitely jumped on the bandwagon, but I am SO glad I did. There are definitely things I would change about it but overall it works great as a planner for my blog/work planner. There are spots for "action" to-do item, spots for lists, and project planning areas. There are also goal setting pages which are great. I love that the paper is thick enough to use sharpie on and not bleed through. I also really love the minimalist design with black and white inside and the chipboard letterpress cover. My biggest con is that the rings are a tad flimsy so my back cover falls off on some rings and the columns for lists inside are narrow which means I overflow into the next day sometime. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for an all-in-one goal setting planner.

Simplified Planner // I use the daily version of this and I love it. My favorite thing about this is the simplified nature and the dinner section. I find it helpful to write down what we are having because it helps me prepare for it/stick with it. There are lines for each time of the day where you can write what you are doing, as well as a section for to-do list items and a place for a weekly gratitude. I also really love the inspirational quotes for each day.

Simplified Planner App // This ties hand in hand with the Simplified Planner, I was super excited for this release but I have to say I do not use it very often. I am a paper girl and I have a hard time visually seeing what needs to get done unless I write it out and look at it constantly. I also love being able to pick up a pen and cross things off, to me its rewarding. This app has great features though and wonderful color schemes. There is a tab for dinners for the week which is super helpful and has a cohesive flow to it.

Moleskin Timepage // I bought this app randomly when the Simplified Planner app release kept getting bumped. I was eager for a planner app and the design of this one sucked me in. It has GREAT design qualities and is very simple to use. A pretty standard planner app but with class. The color scheme choices are nice, but they have less options then the Simplified planner app. It offers a glance at the day ahead, a timeline of all appointments and the weather.

September 1, 2015

Hello, September.

Oh my, I cannot believe how long of a break I took from blogging, it was completely unintentional but I have to say it was totally worth it. Summer just went by in the blink of an eye and I am soaking up every last second of it. So much has happened since the last time I actually blogged regularly (like last February??) and I am excited to be back in this little space, sharing my story. 

So where are we now? We are in our new apartment (1 month today!), still in NH and still both working our butts off full time in the field we went to school for. I remember sitting in grad school always wishing it to be over so I could start working and now that I have been fully employed for just over 6 months, I want nothing more then to be back in class. Funny how that works.

If you remember I was commuting anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half from my moms house while we lived with her and doing that commute in the winter. It was exhausting. Now that we are back towards the seacoast our commutes are pretty manageable, we found a middle ground and we both have about a 40 minute commute on a good day.

I have jumped back on the band wagon from my winter hiatus of running and I am training for reach the beach in September, as well as a half marathon in the white mountains in October. I have a trend of building up a solid mileage base spring-fall and then losing it in the winter, but not this time, I am motivated to be an all year round runner, even if that means running on a treadmill this winter.

We have a vacation planned at the end of September to Minnesota and Portland, Oregon. We are pretty excited to escape for a bit and explore two totally new places. We will also be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary! Where does the time go, seriously.

Other then settling into our new place and our new commutes not too much else is new. I have so much new content and so many stories to share, so keep coming back, I promise I am here to stay.


August 3, 2015

Millers on the move.

This summer is flying by, I cannot believe it is August already. I am excited to be back blogging, but taking a little unexpected hiatus was definitely refreshing. I thought I would kick off August with a little life update.

>> A and I moved into our new place this weekend, which we couldn't be more excited for. We had been living with my mom since December saving up and trying to find a rental that would work for both of our job locations, our budget and our tastes.

>> We are covered in approximately 1 billion boxes and my little type A heart is excited to organize but completely overwhelmed and would like to just snap my fingers and magically have them unpack.

>> I am just over 6 months into my job as an EI occupational therapist and Aaron is about 8 months into his job. We are both still enjoying what we are doing and learning daily.

>> My summer bucket list still has a few items that need to be checked off and I am excited to fill August with much more summer fun.