June 27, 2015

Weekend Tending V.03

I feel happy and proud to know that when I have kids they will be raised in a world where love wins.

I thought at 25 I would have this whole life thing figured out, definitely not true.

I am a type A, I strive on lists and routine and constants. A great read on going with embracing unpredictability.

How you are ruining your life and don't even know it.

This video, love is love.

I loved this. 10 things I want my daughter to know before she turns 10.

One of the best DIY's I have seen in a while.

If you love the show FRIENDS, you will definitely love this.

June 9, 2015

9 // 365

A night spent running hills and soaking up the sun. Nothing better then clearing your head after a long two days. 

June 8, 2015

8 // 365

A long Monday made better by the little things, including new superfruit flavored Starbursts & copious amounts of iced coffee.