Jennifer Blake

8 Reasons I Love/Hate Winter

December 6, 2016

We had our first 'real' snowfall yesterday, like the snow that actually sticks and covers everything. I really do love the change of seasons in New England. Winter brings such magic & beauty. I love watching the trees turn white, I love wearing layers, I love staying inside and having an excuse to not leave the house. What I don't love is the anxiety I have driving in it, if you didn't know, I have crazy car anxiety, I don't mind driving in perfect sunny weather on routes that I know, but if I don't know the streets, if it is a big city, or if there is snow I have major anxiety, so I avoid it if at all possible.

I thought I would share my 8 favorite things about Winter with you.

Love - - - 
1 // The way fresh snow looks on the trees and houses, a beautiful white blanket of magic.
2 // Staying inside and not feeling guilty.
3 // Wearing layer upon layer to stay warm.
4 // Holding a hot beverage and having cup after cup of coffee to keep warm. 
Hate - - -
5 // Shoveling & cleaning off my car.
6 // Driving when the roads are slippery and icy.
7 // Lack of Vitamin D from not enough sunshine, definitely affects my mood! 
8 // Running is much harder and my motivation goes way down in the winter. 

 What do you love and hate about the winter?!

Spreading Holiday Cheer

December 5, 2016

Christmas is my favorite time of year, not because of the presents or the actual day itself, but more because of the season. It feels like magic. The glimmering tree, the music and the decorations, it doesn't get much better than that. I also love being able to find that perfect gift for someone & sending out holiday cards to spread some holiday cheer and send love to those far from me during this time of the year. 

This is our 4th year working with Tiny Prints for our holiday cards (and lets be honest half my home decor is items I have ordered from them!), the quality cannot be beat. They always have a wonderful selection from your traditional cards to eclectic and millennial cards. One of my MOST favorite things is  letterpress cards which is what we went with this year, it was so hard to choose! 

We went with a traditional line from a favorite Christmas song, but with letterpress and of course added a sweet little touch with adorable envelopes and envelope liners. We also decided to order a few thank you cards to make the after holiday haze easier. I scoured the site for hours looking at all the cards and it took me a whole weekend to be able to just decide on one, all their cards are spot on. 

With the holidays being very busy, I find it so important to send love to those I may not have time to see, or to those that may just need some extra holiday cheer, and what better way than to do it with cards. Next year I might even take them up on addressing them all, they have a great feature where you can upload all your addresses and they will address them and send them out for you. Talk about making it easy for such a busy season!

If you haven't picked up your holiday cards yet, now is the time to do it! Tiny Prints is having a sale, 40% off everything until 12/6. Hooray!

taking photography from a hobby to a business

November 29, 2016

I remember the day I bought my camera, it was after almost a whole year or research & saving. I remember getting it home and flipping through the manual for basic setup and then ditching the manual and diving right in. I am still learning every day something new about the business or about settings and poses, I hope I never stop learning, but I took the leap this past year to turn it from a hobby into a side business. I probably still take way too many pictures during a session then I need to, but I always want to make sure I get the perfect shot and you never know if it will be in the first frame you take of one pose or the 15th frame of the same pose. I am my toughest critic, every time I hit submit and send photos off to a family or couple I internally freak out, get filled with anxiety and feel like vomiting, but that feeling makes me continue to work harder and take the best pictures possible. I love being behind the lens and this past year I booked more sessions then ever. I work full time, plus I have this blog and Arbonne, so editing and finding time became harder, but it is not my time I charge for. I charge because it helps me improve the business, it helps me pay for classes, props, editing software, and new camera gear. So no, I do not charge much right now because it is my first year and it was a year to test the waters, but it allowed me to grow in a small way and hopefully the growth continues to happen.

So I thought I would share some recent work!

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