Jennifer Blake

November 23, 2015

Currently: November

Currently I am...

wishing for time to slow down, I know it isn't possible, but a girl can wish! How is it almost December?!

loving this season, it just always feels so magical and everyone seems a little happier. 

wanting to catch up on all the projects I have on my list. 

anticipating the New Year, I don't want 2015 to end because that means the holidays are over, but I am excited about all the new possibilities 2016 holds. 

laughing at Modern Family, A and I are watching all the seasons right now, currently on season 4. 

reading Uniquely Human, all about a different perspective on how we see Autism. 

enjoying the weekend days filled with Christmas music and a whole lot of couch sitting. 

eating all the peppermint chocolate, cookies and popcorn I can get my hands on. 

thinking about the future.

creating some small for fun projects and feeling motivated to get this blog up and running again with content for the New Year.

enjoying the sparkling white lights on everything in the house.  

excited for our Christmas tree. We put up our fake one already in the office, but we plan on cutting a real one down for our living room. 

Heading to North Carolina for Thanksgiving and then settling down for a while with no future travel plans. I plan on soaking up this season. Baking, crafting, scrapbooking, watching Christmas movies, and dancing around the whole house to Christmas music. 

Happy Holidays, friends. 

October 20, 2015

4 Reasons to Run

It is cheaper then therapy. 
Running sounds like a chore sometimes, I am the first one to admit that there are days it takes everything in me to get my sneakers on and get out the door, but when I do the feeling is amazing. This doesn't mean you have to run 10 miles, go for a 2 mile jog and clear your head. My job is mentally draining and as much as I love zoning out to the TV nothing clears my head more then a run. Take in the foliage, the sunset or sunrise, and the feeling of being alone and in silence, trust me you will come back with a clear mind and full heart. 

Self Confidence. 
I have always been pretty hard on myself and unfortunately this can be true with my running, I tend to beat myself up when I have slow races but I have also gained an enormous amount of self confidence. Not everyone can run 13.1 miles. Not everyone can lace up their sneakers and fit in a long run after a long day of work. Not everyone can run through all the seasons in New England. My legs have carried me up some steep hills and down some pretty scary looking roads. My ability to push through cramps, aches and pains to get to that finish line has truly showed me what I am capable of. Running as certainly been a huge impact of increasing my confidence. 

Better care of your body.
This may sound strange, but I take much better care of my body while I am training for a race. I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast or lunch, sometimes both. My work schedule can get a little hectic and so eating becomes less of a priority. When I know I have a training run or race and that I won't be able to get through the mileage without proper nutrition it becomes a big motivating factor to make time for myself during the day and get the proper nutrition and hydration I need.

Running with a group helps you maintain accountability to those long runs and can make them more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong I love running solo, it give me the alone time I need every day but I also know on days when I am exhausted and completely unmotivated I need the group to get me out there. I find it a lot harder to make friends now that I am no longer in school and my job keeps me in my car alone all day without other co-workers to engage with and running has enabled me to continue building friendships. 

September 28, 2015

NH --> Minnesota --> Oregon

Friday morning Aaron and I took off for our long awaited vacation, we have had a trip planned to visit his younger brother out in Minnesota where he goes to school and while we were out here we decided to visit a place we both have always wanted to check out, Portland OR. We just wrapped up a jammed pack weekend in Minnesota, exploring downtown, uptown, the University of Minnesota campus, the beautiful Lake Calhoun, and the Mall of America. I have never gotten so many steps in one weekend, my fitbit was working overtime. Today, we jet off for Portland and I couldn't be more excited to shop, read, drink coffee and eat good food. Portland here we come!