Jennifer Blake

Dear Eloise // week 13

December 4, 2017

Dear Eloise,

3 months my sweet girl. We are definitely not in the newborn phase anymore, but purely in the baby stage. You are awake a lot more during the days which I LOVE. You look at me with those sweet eyes everywhere I go and I swear you can spot me from a mile away in a crowded room. You almost always give your dad and I the biggest smiles when you see us which makes my heart melt every.single.time. You are a happy baby and so content with just watching what is going on around you.

I think you are starting to look more and more like your mama each day- but you are holding steady with having your dads ears. This week marks a lot of change for us. A new job for me. Daycare for you. I've cried at least once a day these past 4 weeks and I cried a million tears this weekend just thinking about leaving you. I wish I could spend every minute of every day with you. We will have a hard week, but together, with your dad we will get through it and hopefully it will get easier (or I will win the lottery and never have to leave you!).

You still will not take the bottle, which makes the whole daycare thing even more stressful, but you will get there, you just love to nurse with your mama and I can't complain because I love it too. Christmas is fast approaching, your dad and I already ordered your first present and I can't wait to give it to you. I know you won't know what is going on but the season already feels more magical just having you with us. I even caved and let you face the TV a few times to watch Elf, but we are still very much anti technology, however, you love it and when we turned you away you protested. Those bright lights get you hooked!

You are holding your head up with no support unless you get tired. We have been doing tummy time for longer spurts but you still don't love it. You have been loving the floor though when you are on your back, you kick around while I read you book after book and you smile and watch as I turn the pages. You are also a chatter box- the cutest little coo's I've ever heard. One of my favorite things is when you get sleepy you wrap your arms around my neck and snuggle your head up really close to the side of my face. I also love that when we nurse you hold onto my shirt or find a way to sneak that hand up into my shirt. I will miss nursing you all day but look forward to begin home earlier and getting to spend the afternoons/evenings with you, and you can bet I will be soaking up cuddles with you on the weekend.

I love you sweet girl, more than you will ever know.

Love always,
your mama

Dear Eloise // Week 12

November 28, 2017

Dear Eloise,

You are 12 weeks old, how is that possible? My time home with you has flown and I cry at least once a day about having to go back to work. I love my job but I love you a million times more and going from spending every second of every day with you to being apart for 7-8 hours is going to be difficult for me. We will figure out a new normal I am sure.

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving, we watched the parade with your dad, grandma and grandpa on the couch as I snuggled you. You slept through the entire meal and woke up right as we were done eating. Next year you will get to join in the festivities and eat, trust me you will love it. We drove home from Maine that night and went to your grandpa and grandma Millers house for dessert where you were greeted by all your Miller family. It was a long day out of your normal environment and you fought sleep all night. I put you down 12 times once I thought you were asleep and you woke up every single time, you just wanted to be held, which is always okay by me.

Your dad had some time off and we spent the weekend together doing a little shopping and house projects, you are pretty easy going which makes it easier to go out. We took you to one of our favorite breweries for the first time (Earth Eagle) you slept and woke up for the last 20 minutes we were there, everyone stared at you and commented on how content you were. Your dad and I are pretty lucky.

You have been babbling like crazy lately, especially right before you go to sleep. You get those sleepy eyes and then start babbling- lots of A's and E's and O sounds. Watching you find your voice is wonderful, you love when we talk back to you. You love knowing what is going on, facing out and bouncing around the house always calms you right down. You still do not like the pacifier or bottle, but you love to suck on your hands or one of our fingers. Your smile lights up the room, especially when we get you to break into an ear to ear grin.

There has been and will be quite a bit of change happening over the next couple weeks. We will take it day by day and try to make the best of it. If there is one thing I have learned as a mother so far it is that before you came my choices and decisions only impacted myself (and sometimes your dad) but now they impact you. Change is hard and always will be, but when I know the change will end up being the best for you, it makes it a little easier. You are everything to your dad and I, which means I will do whatever I need to, to make sure you have the best life possible. One of my favorite quotes is: "The most important work you will ever do will be inside the four walls of your home". This could not be more true.

I love you sweet girl.

Love always,
Your mama

Dear Eloise // Week 11

Dear Eloise,

11 weeks. You have certainly started blossoming into a little person with a big personality. I get a little more sad each day that passes knowing my time being home with you is almost over. I so badly want to show you that you can have a career and a family, but man I also want to show you how great it is to be a mom and if one day you decided to stay home that would be okay. Our days are mostly filled with cuddling on the couch, reading books, laying on the floor making faces at each other and babbling, and nursing. I thought I would be itching to get back to work but these days with you have been some of the best ever. I am sure once I am back it will be hard, but I will cherish the nights and weekends with you even more now. Time passes so fast, I cannot believe how big you are already.

Your cheeks are one of your best features, they tend to be what everyone points out. They are so squishy and perfect, a sign that you are for sure a good eater. You continue to nurse like a champ, however, the bottle it another whole story. Your dad has been trying every day to get you to take a bottle and so far you hate it. You make this face like you are being betrayed by us, and I think we've probably spent at least $75 bucks trying out different bottles. You will get it, I am sure. I am quick to swoop you up and nurse you after you get frustrated with the bottle which probably isn't helping you learn. I cherish our nursing sessions, watching you look up at me, you tend to hold your hands together which is adorable or wriggle one into my shirt somewhere which I also love. I will miss nursing you all day when I go back to work (because 1. I hate pumping and 2. I love the time with you).

You are still waking up at night, typically for a really short nursing session around 10/11 and then again between 2/3. We wake up for the day typically around 6:30 but sometimes I'll nurse you and then try to sneak in another hour or so. I love that you are sleeping for longer periods of time but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss you during those longer stretches.

You have a few spots that are ticklish, but you don't know how to giggle yet so you open your mouth into a huge smile and wiggle around when I do it. You still LOVE getting your diaper changed and bath time, nothing makes you happier than being naked on the changing table. You have also loved the floor lately, not so much tummy time but being on your back, looking around at the Christmas lights and peoples faces, makes you smile.

You my little love are the best thing in the world and watching you take in the world is the best gift I could ever ask for. Keep on growing baby girl and know that this world is yours for the taking.

Love always,
your mama