22 July 2014

6 ways to get creatively unstuck

1. Take a break. 
Take a break from the project you are struggling with, I realize sometimes a deadline makes this a challenge, but try stepping away for just a few minutes if that's all the time you have. Sometimes when I work on a project too long or when I try to force the creativity, it just doesn't happen. So step away from the computer screen/desk/work area and go watch a mindless TV show or clean out the closet that you have been meaning to get to. Only have a few minutes to spare, make a cup of coffee or tea, then get back at it.

2. Get up and move. 
Run, walk, bike...just move. Exercise has been proven to be good for the brain and some of my best ideas come while I am on a run. Take a new route, see a new site, or call someone along the way you haven't talked to in a while. The point is just to get out of your own head and get some space from your current project.

3. Find a muse. 
This could be a blog of someone you follow that inspires you. It could be Pinterest or Instagram. It could be a go to book that you have. If you don't already have some type of inspirational source, this is a great time to find one. Search for a new blog or go browse your local library or bookstore. Be careful with finding too much inspiration, sometimes I find myself getting stuck in the mindset of "why is everyone so creative but me!", when I think this I know that I have spent to much time looking at other peoples work and not enough time trying to create my own.

4. Write it out. 
Sometimes if we write out every thought that we have going on in our head, kind of like a brain dump, it can open up space for new ideas. Grab a journal, notebook, or blank word document and get writing. It doesn't matter how small or big the stuff in your head is, write every single thing going on in your head down. Every worry, thought, fear, to-do...clear up space in that head of yours.

5. Take yourself on an adventure.
This goes along with taking a break, but requires more time. Find a new restaurant you wanted to try, or a new place to explore. Sometimes new adventures can help you see things in a different light or spark some new ideas. Is there a new town you have wanted to check out, go do it!

6. Think of future projects. 
Are there holidays coming up? Or maybe your home could use some new decor. Try planning for a new project, sometimes just shifting your mindset or having a specific 'event' in mind can help the creativity flow. Christmas is huge in my book, so when I feel stuck I tend to think of things I want to make/bake/do for Christmas!

Bonus tip: Make a list. 
Write out your to-do list for the day. Writing lists are therapeutic for me, and help me stress way less. It could be a good way to see if maybe you are stressed with all the to-dos and it is stopping your creative juices from flowing.

17 July 2014

A Tour Guide of Portsmouth, NH: Kaffee Vonsolln

Aaron and I moved to Portsmouth in mid December and we have absolutely loved it. We live close enough to walk downtown, which is awesome. We live close enough to wake up at 4:30am and watch the sunrise at the ocean, which is awesome. We live close to our family, which is awesome.

Portsmouth really is just plain awesome. We continue to find hidden gems around downtown and we are trying hard to break out of our 'normal go-to places'.  I have had this idea of a 'tour guide' of Portsmouth for a while now. If you even come to NH and visit Portsmouth this will (hopefully!) give you some places to check out, because there is so much to do when you visit!

Today's featured spot is Kaffee Vonsolln, a small German coffee shop on 79 Daniel street in downtown.

The atmosphere is very comfortable inside and staff was friendly and welcoming. The big windows in front open all the way, which allows for a nice breeze and natural light to shine in. I had their medium roast ice coffee and Aaron tried their iced vanilla latte, both we thought were delicious. We also decided to split a breakfast sandwich and when we finished we both wish we had gotten our own!

I would highly recommend checking them out if you find yourself downtown and needing a pick me up!

10 July 2014

3 for Thursday

I thought it would be fun to start a new mini series on Thursdays. Simply a list of 3 things. 

Today I thought I would share 3 things you probably didn't know about me...

1. I have always had anxiety problems, but it started presenting it self a lot more as I reached my 20's. 

2. Clowns freak me out. Like a lot. 

3. I eat one complete meal a day on average, normally dinner. The rest of the day? I snack here and there. I also consume ridiculous amounts of coffee and diet coke, but we wont get into that.