Jennifer Blake: An Apple a day...

An Apple a day...

September 27, 2011

As I have already shared, fall is my favorite season! One reason for this is because of amazing foliage which since moving to a big city does NOT even begin to compete with the foliage in NH. I never thought I would miss NH, but I guess we all eventually miss where we grew up. Along with the foliage brings apple season, which is not only my favorite fruit, but I would say apple picking is among my top 10 favorite activities. Every year Aaron, my mom, and I venture off to Hackleboro orchards in Canterbury NH. This weekend not only are we going apple picking there, but we are getting our engagement pictures done there...I don't think I have ever been so excited. I think my excitement of the weekend is rubbing off on Aaron too, we are going to adventure to TJMaxx later this week to find the perfect picture and apple picking outfits. We captured some fun moments of last years trip! 

I can't wait to share our engagement pictures (hopefully next week)!!

I have made a list for more fun fall festivities that I plan on attempting tackling this week that I thought I would share as well! 

How good does this apple cider float. I plan on making them Thursday night as a treat since Aaron is making dinner for us. 

Love this bag and so simple to do! After we go apple picking I plan on snagging a canvas bag from Michaels and using some of our fresh picked apples to stamp on a bag!

I am also always looking for ways to spice up out apartment I am going to snag some pumpkins this weekend and try these four our kitchen table:

What projects is everyone else tackling to spice up their place for fall!? I love hearing new ideas!

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