Jennifer Blake: Life is too short

Life is too short

September 22, 2011

My mind has been spinning with all of the things I have wanted to blog about, mainly all the little apartment DIY projects I have started doing. I promise, posts and pictures about those are coming soon! It's hard to live in an apartment that has little space, and lots of stuff (no we are not hoarders!)...trying to make it our own with a cozy feel is what we are aiming for, thankfully I have Aaron on board to help me with all my crazy lovely ideas!
Anyways this post is about love and life. Life is too short, a close friend to us lost his mom last night. She has been battling cancer for a while now, and she put up an incredible fight. It made Aaron and I stop and think about what is truly important in our lives, and how we need to treasure all the time we get with each other and stop letting the little things come between us, because in the end nothing matters except that we love each other. I am SO excited to be marrying my best friend (Almost one year from now!!). Anyways I can't stop thinking about how precious life is and how short it truly is for some. So always remember that you might be having a crappy day, but you are here now, and you need to live in the moment and be thankful and happy for all you do have!
I found this: cute! Aaron is definitely my one and only, I mean who else would laugh at my goofy faces, and sometimes stupid questions! He asked me if I wanted to watch a political comedy and I responded by asking if he really wanted to watch bowling for columbine...I am pretty sure anyone else would have called me an idiot but he just laughs at all my quirks, clearly I was out of it. I could't ask for anyone better! So take time to tell the ones around you that you love them, and be happy for everything you have in life, because it goes too fast. 


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