Jennifer Blake: To many decisions

To many decisions

September 20, 2011

After a long day of working and school I actually felt motivated to start planning some of the smaller details of what I think I want at our wedding. Yes, it is a year away but I am hoping to add a lot of homemade touches and that takes time so I mine as well start while I have motivation! I have been thinking about what to put on the tables and I found two ideas I am in love with! Both are so simple to make but also fun.

Unless you have really good vision you probably can't read what it says. It is 5 things you should know about her and him, you place them on each of the tables so that everyone gets to find out a little more about us! I thought they were fun and cute. Thoughts? 

Aaron and I also came up with the idea to put disposable cameras on each table so we can get a lot of pictures at the end that guests take, my fear is people will not use them so I found this:

An I Spy game! On each table we would list different things that the guests would have to capture pictures of. This way people would all be taking different pictures and hopefully make it so the cameras went to good use and not to waste! Thoughts?

I know it is only Tuesday but it feels like the week is dragging on. I hope it goes faster, I enjoy weekends way too much! Aaron and I are going to the north end this weekend for dinner and I have been eager since we talked about it last weekend. My goal this weekend is to re-pain and upholster the kitchen chairs we have since they are mismatched and don't go with our table. I am excited to see how that goes, I hope they come out well! I will be sure to share how to do it and the tips I pick up on from doing it myself for the first time. 



  1. The "I spy" game is a cute idea! Also adds to the wedding fun! Love it!

  2. Thanks! We are going to make them ourselves to add a little personal touch!


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