Jennifer Blake: Fail.


October 4, 2011

Aaron and I went home this weekend to enjoy the beauty of fall in NH as well as to get our engagement pictures taken at out favorite apple orchard. I was super-de-duper excited, I talked about it all week...well mother nature hates me! It rained ALL weekend and needless to say we had to cancel our pictures, so bummed!!
We are venturing back home next Sunday (thanks to my mom's willingness to drive us back and forth!) hopefully the weather will be perfect and the pictures will go off without a hitch! It is still raining and I am so sick of it, makes me want to curl up in a warm sweater with some tea and not move from the couch, getting out of bed Monday to go to class was terrible!

I thought I would share what I had planned to accomplished (and actually accomplished) on this rainy day besides curl up with a hot cup of pomegranate green tea, which I totally did for about an hour this morning.

The plan:
Make the ribbon bulletin board 
Finish shadow picture box
Make banana bread 
Finish all of my homework for the week
Catch up on Grey's
Figure out what to blog about this week 
Finish The Help
Find a new book to read
Clean up around the apartment
Re-upholster chairs
Make the no-sew curtains for the living room

Okay, so I didn't finish everything I wanted to, and the important stuff really did not get done (homework's not important right?)
The cork board with ribbon was so easy to make, I will post a little how to with pictures later this week! And for anyone that has not read The Help- it is INCREDIBLE! What were other peoples thoughts on it??

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