Jennifer Blake: Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

October 7, 2011

Woohoo (I'm doing my happy dance)!! I don't know if anyone is excited as I am that it's Friday, but I'm pumped, I started off the day with a hot cup of pumpkin spiced coffee and some cleaning and jamming to Beyonce!

I have decided that every Friday I am going to post my favorite things of the week! Not sure anyone really cares, but I always love to hear about what other people have found thats fun and interesting!

Favorite Song of the week: Run the World, by Beyonce

Favorite uplifting video: I may have even shed a tear because of how adorable this is. 

Favorite Kitchen Design: Yes, Please! 

Favorite Saying: Love this. 

Favorite DIY Idea and yummy treat: such a cute idea!

These are just a few of the best things I came across this week, I mean I spend a majority of my free time on pintrest (slightly obsessed), so I could probably come up with SO many more. I would love to hear what you guys have found fun and interesting!? Favorite sites, quotes, videos, any and everything you have found! 

Enjoy the gorgeous day!

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  1. I cried with the little girl! That was so adorable and so sweet.


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