Jennifer Blake: If life gives you apples...make umm applesauce!

If life gives you apples...make umm applesauce!

October 25, 2011

After some lovely suggestions of what to do with all our left over apples, I decided the easiest with my busy schedule would be applesauce. It is SO easy!!

I followed a really simple recipe my mom gave me, literally all you have to do is peel, slice, and chop the apples. Throw them in a pot with just enough water so the apples do not burn. 

Make sure to keep a lid on them and stir occasionally. Now the recipe never said how long to do this but I basically did it until I could mush all the apples and it looked like applesauce. 

Then once it was done I added brown sugar and nutmeg for taste...I may have added a little too much brown sugar so its a tad sweet...but still yummy!
Then lastly I grabbed two mason jars filled them and popped them in the freezer so we can enjoy it later without going bad. I also filled a plastic container for us and put it in the fridge. 
Here is the final delicious product!
I like my applesauce with little chunks of apple and I simply mashed it to the consistency I liked it.

Any other good recipes or applesauce recipes?! Anyone tackle any baking or cooking this weekend?


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