Jennifer Blake: The Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum

November 14, 2011

Since Friday was Veteran's day we both had the day off! We are strapped for cash, but wanted to get out and explore a little. I looked up some places we could get to by public transportation and found the Arnold Arboretum it was supposed to be a nice day so we figured what the heck, lets go look at some trees. I am obsessed with fall because of pumpkin spiced lattes and cozy sweaters, but colorful trees help too! We hopped on the green and then orange line and made our way to the Arboretum. The Arboretum is 265 acres and holds more then 1.3 million specimen, crazy if you ask me!

We got there and unfortunately the visitors center was closed since it was a holiday, I mean I guess since we had it off it was only fair they did too! We started to walk the trail and it was GORGEOUS! The leaves were so bright and there were some really cool looking trees. It was a little colder then we had anticipated, the dang wind made it hard to stick around for too long. We walked the first loop and took our time enjoying all the scenery and the cute dogs that were being walked. There were so many other loops and paths to venture on, but we decided to save some of the exploring for another time, not to mention my hands were icicles. I ended up taking about 100 pictures, I guess I got a little picture happy, I picked a few of my favorite ones to share below. 

 The tree was made of cork!! So cool. 

 Where's Waldo Aaron? Also notice the bark...its like camouflage! It was really soft too.

 The visitors center

It was overall really fun and a beautiful day for an adventure, just a tad windy for my liking! We both agreed it would be BEAUTIFUL in the spring!

Anyone go anywhere fun this weekend?? or tackle any projects!? Maybe a little Christmas decorating for some?? I wont lie we decorated a bit and even indulged in some Christmas movie watching-mainly because TBS was playing them!


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