Jennifer Blake: Epic Fail.

Epic Fail.

December 15, 2011

Well I planend to show a little tutorial on how to make Martha Stuarts Pom-Pom's, but my attempt at making them didn't work. I had some tissue paper from wrapping Christmas presents and I REALLY want to make some of the pom-pom's for decorations at our wedding, so why not practice and try now? Well my pom pom came out NOTHING like back to the drawing board and I will attempt another one this weekend. I am determined to get it to come out nice! So hopefully a tutorial on those a little later this week...
So today I thought I would share some picture taking fun the mr and I had! Remember the countdown calendar I made? If not check out this post. Well on the back of each tag from the countdown was an activity for us to do together, a few days ago the tag said, "dress up in Christmas colors and take pictures together!". so thats what we did- It also forced me to learn some new settings my camera had, like a timer.

I know we are big dorks! But we had fun and it was nice to get pictures of us together since typically one of us is behind the camera. Maybe we will make it  Christmas tradition as we start having our own Christmas together!

Anyone else starting their own traditions this year?! Take any fun Christmas pictures!?

Check back later tonight for my reverb post!



  1. Yay, for new Christmas traditions! Looks like so much fun!

  2. @ChristiannaIt was fun! It was so nice to actually get pictures of us together!!

  3. I'm sure they will turn out great a second time around.Adorable pics :)


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