Jennifer Blake: Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

December 5, 2011

Ask anyone in my family I am a Christmas fanatic. I don't even think it is Christmas day that I am in love with, it's more of the season and everything leading up to the big day. Don't get me wrong Christmas itself is spectacular, but there is something about the season that is magical to me and will always be (I hope!). I love the decorations, the music, the movies, the cookies, and the cheer that so many seem to have during this time. I also love being able to hunt for the perfect gift for each of my family members. It's simply the most wonderful time of the year :)
There have been a lot of firsts for the mister and I this year, and having our own place to decorate for our first Christmas was one of them! We don't have much money to spend on decorations so I put my creative brain to use and came up with some ideas, I also mooched off my mom for extras she had (thanks mom!).
I have a love hate relationship with advent calendars, I love counting down the days and getting the treat that comes with each day, but I hate counting down at the same time because I get a little sad with how fast time passes! My mom always bought us the advent calendars filled with chocolate, but since I didn't want to spend any money, and I certainly don't need to be eating that chocolate with all the cookies I plan to eat, I ventured to the web and tried to come up with ideas to make our own!

I combined about 5 different ideas into my own. Remember that cork board I just made with the fabric? If not go back to this post. Any who, I used my cork board as the base for the advent calendar. I had a small pack of card stock tags and some gold glitter glue. I also had just bought red and green paper ribbon for a project so I used some of that too! I decided I would used the gold glitter to label each tag 1-24 to countdown the days. I saw a bunch where parents put activities to do on the back of their numbers and thought, 'hey I should come up with an activity for the mister and I to do everyday, even if it something really small!' It is a season for spending time with family, and what better way to make sure we take a little time each day with each other. So there you have it, I had my numbers on and I wrote an activity on the back of each and pinned them to my board. I wont lie I had trouble coming up with some activities, they started to get really corny at the end. A big goal for me was so make sure the activities didn't involve spending much money, so I think only three activities had us doing something involving money...honestly once I wrote them I forgot what I wrote!

 I decided not to put the numbers in order so we had to hunt a little for them. Below are just a few of the ones we have done so far! It has been fun doing something Christmassy each day! Tonight we are going to take a bunch of goofy pictures all decked out in Christmas colors. Maybe one of them will be Christmas card material...

Anyone else make their own advent calendar? Or DIY something for Christmas?! Any other fellow Christmas or holiday lovers like myself out there!?


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