Jennifer Blake: Handmade Ornaments Part 1

Handmade Ornaments Part 1

December 1, 2011

So we are poor, but decided that would not stop us from making our apartment look like Christmas wonderland! We are getting our first Christmas tree together today!! I am so excited, granted we have to carry it all the way back and we do not have much space so we are getting a baby tree, but none the less it's still our first Christmas tree together :)
I went to Michaels last weekend and found glass ornaments that we could decorate to spice up our tree. I picked up some feathers, some green/red/white pom pom's, and some string...and this is what we now have to decorate!

Everything cost me under $6.
Bulbs: 2.99 (6 pack)
Pom Pom: $0.99
White feathers: $0.99
String: $0.50

The peacock feather I had from a previous project, but it was a favorite, it was a little big to fit in so I had to cut it, and the picture of it does not do it justice. I am happy how they came out, simple and cheap! I have another pack to decorate and I plan on doing them today! So stay tuned for part II of my homemade ornaments :)

Anyone else get their tree?! Or try to make some ornaments this year!?

P.S 25 days of Christmas starts tonight on ABC family, I have always been a fan!! Tonight The Santa Clause is on with Tim Allen, who doesn't love that movie!


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