Jennifer Blake: Homemade ornaments part 11

Homemade ornaments part 11

December 1, 2011

So we got our first Christmas tree today :) It was so much fun, and a really funny story...more on that later. I sat down and made the last 6 ornaments I had and I am happy with how they came out. This time I used red and green paint, glue, and glitter. I pretty much love anything that involves glitter so I had a lot of fun doing it!

Sorry for the poor picture quality I used my phone because my camera is dead...whoops!

 I think I may have gotten a tad carried away with how much pain I used, and it did not stick as well to the glass as I was hoping, BUT they came out good enough for me to want to hang on our tree. We are going to decorate Sunday night!

Hope everyone had a good first day of December, last month of 2011 (CRAZY!!).


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