Jennifer Blake: Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...

December 6, 2011

It's Christmas time and it would not feel like it with out a tree in our apartment! There is something about the fresh scent of a Christmas tree, or the way it looks all lit up at night while you are relaxing on the couch. My love for Christmas goes beyond anything you can probably imagine, so I was determined to get the mister and I our first Christmas tree. We live in a tiny apartment and we have no car, the closest Christmas tree place was a mile away...this is where I had to kick up my charm and persuasion a notch. It seemed to work because Aaron agreed to walk and get a 'small' Christmas tree. Now in my mind a Christmas tree needs to be fat and taller than me, but I was willing to settle this year since I knew Aaron would be carrying it back and we do not have much space. We got there and they had great trees and great prices! Apparently my idea of small and his idea of small did not match, but since he is so wonderful he let me pick the tree I wanted, I realized once it was set up that it probably does not fit the definition of small, but I am grateful that he was willing to carry it back. I tried to snap a few photo's of him carrying it since it's not every day you see a guy walking a mile with a relatively 'small' Christmas tree...
 Aaron at the Christmas tree place!
 Our mile walk home...

 My new best friend!
 The stand that the guy sold us barely fit the tree, we had to use a bread knife since we don't own a saw to trim of some of the trunk in order to make it fit. I was determined to do it, but I was getting no where and had to let Aaron step in. 
All finished! With our stockings hung. 

Anyone else have Christmas tree adventures?! Or has life been so crazy you have not had the chance to put up your tree?!


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