Jennifer Blake: Reverb11... Dear Friends...

Reverb11... Dear Friends...

December 2, 2011

Prompt two found here, for reverb11 is...Who did you meet (in 2011)? 

Hmmm this one is tough mainly because I have a terrible memory. I met a lot of people through my internship at an occupational therapy clinic, and they have honestly forever changed me. They showed me a career I did not even know existed and opened my eyes to so many amazing opportunities. The other people that stick out in my mind I have not actually met face-to-face, but they are you readers, there is something about exchanging messages through comments and following each others blogs that makes me feel as though I have made some new friends. I will probably never meet you, but to all of my readers, commenters, and followers, know that you have changed me, and that I am grateful you take the time to read what I post, I feel connected to you.

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