Jennifer Blake: a lovely weekend.

a lovely weekend.

January 29, 2012

It was a LONG week so I was more than looking forward to the weekend. Aaron and I ventured home to NH so we could be there to celebrate his brothers birthday! We took the bus home and by the time we got there we were exhausted and hungry, so my mom took us out for dinner. We went to the Barley House and I enjoyed a delicious cheeseburger. I then went home and was attacked by my adorable dog who was full of kisses! Saturday Aaron and I went to see The Descendants, it was so good, but incredibly sad! We then went out for birthday dinner at the Outback, it was nice to be surrounded by all of our family this weekend. We ventured back to Boston this morning and have been relaxing since. We played some cards, ate lunch, took a much needed nap, and are now watching Merrimack kick butt in hockey against Providence. Unfortunately I have some homework to do later, but it has been a perfect relaxing Sunday. 
Did I mention in all the travel time I got addicted to scramble with friends and temple run!? Anyone else playing scramble with friends?

How was your weekend?!



  1. Hey! Haven't been around much lately, So happy to see you're doing well! Love the new look! ox

    1. I have been checking frequently on your blog for updates on life! Hope all is well, and your little family is amazingly happy :) xoxo


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