Jennifer Blake: Christmas...a little late.

Christmas...a little late.

January 31, 2012

As I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about today I realized that I never shared what Aaron and I got each other for Christmas, so it's way past Christmas but I felt like sharing anyways! 
Aaron got me a bunch of new books to read, some really beautiful handmade and hand painted earrings, and parenthood season 1 (can't get enough of the show!). I got Aaron some boring things like business casual clothes, some DVD's, and The Big Bang Theory on DVD (secretly more for me than him, but we both love it). I also bought him an antique map from 1906 of the USA-it's adorable and I was so happy I was able to find such an old map, it certainly took a lot of work. The idea was that we would frame the map on cork board, and together we would take one color map pin and pin all the places we have been together, and in another color he would pin all the places he has been. The map came from England which also added to the coolness factor. It now hangs on our wall as a decorative piece and looks perfect! 

The pictures are not the greatest, it certainly does not do it justice, but that's what I get for not wanting to get my camera and using my phone. When we were pinning things we noticed that some places are not on the map like Orlando which we thought was interesting. I wish I could take credit for the creative idea-but I got the idea from Sherry, at young house love. It was my favorite present that I gave Aaron this year! 


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