Jennifer Blake: organizational hoarding.

organizational hoarding.

January 10, 2012

I am not a hoarder, I promise. I do however have a hard time letting go of certain things that I consider memories, so I keep them. I love saving cards from certain people especially when there is something special written in it, I love saving ticket stubs and other little trinkets from dates with Aaron or nights out with friends. As cards started to collect this past year from graduation to birthdays, I tried to think of what to do with them, I just couldn't throw them out. So I decided to start a 'box of memories'. I picked up a pink photo box and some stickers, then I got to work decorating it-the only thing missing on the box is the year 2011, which I will add soon. I put all of my memories from 2011 in the box, including cards, random pictures I had printed out, ticket stubs, and some other little things. Every time I had something that I knew I couldn't part with it went in the box.

How do you store your memories?


  1. I tend to do this too. Though I limit myself down to only what I really want! Love your memories box!

  2. A memory box sounds like a great idea! I used to rely so much on my computer, but once it took a tumble in November and the harddrive was destroyed, I've realized how important tangible memories are. I'll have to try this out!

  3. @R. Grace I love my computer dearly BUT I think I always have that fear it will crash and I don't want to lose everything, so my memory box works well!


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