Jennifer Blake: the good and the bad

the good and the bad

January 26, 2012

So I started school this week, I am SO close to being done with my prerequisites for occupational therapy school. I am not sure if school was the reason for me having a lousy week, but it just seemed to be one of those weeks where NOTHING went right. The days were long...and I think I got to see Aaron for a total of 2 hours each night, someone really should have put a warning label on PT school saying he would have time for nothing else. My hatred for the school I am at now combined with the lack of time spent with Aaron created a very unhappy me. Things slowly turned around when I heard back from one of the schools I applied to for my masters in occupational therapy... I got in!! Yes, I was very excited and's not my first choice for school, but at least I know I have somewhere to go to get my degree, its a huge relief. I am looking forward to today, one of my best friends from home is coming to visit! We are venturing out of the city and finding ikea and a target- I swear there are weeks I feel stranded in the city and this was one of them so I cannot wait to get out! I did learn a few things this week...
  • Cake for breakfast makes everything better, for about an hour... before you hate yourself for eating so unhealthy.
  • Going to bed after an argument just leads to a headache in the morning.
  • Technology is great I love texting and Skyping with friends, but I really need to make more friends in Boston!
  • There are not enough hours in the day.
  • Actions speak SO much louder then words.
  • Sorry starts to lose meaning when it's said to many times. 
  • A hot cup of coffee/tea is my favorite stress remedy.
  • There is always a song to fit your mood.
  •  Reading comments from all of my lovely readers is certainly a mood booster!
  • No dream is too big, and just because you can't see how you will get there doesn't mean to give up hope.
  • Waiting for graduate schools to accept or reject you is slowly killing me and making me more and more anxious. Apparently I am more impatient than I thought.
  • As much as I HATE reality TV sometimes is nice to watch a dumb show and zone out- Dance mom's anyone?
  • I am addicted to house hunters on HGTV
  • Never say something out of spite or simply to hurt the other person- it never ends well. 
  • No matter how much I keep on top of the dishes, it seems there is always a pile waiting for me.



  1. Sorry you had a rough week. My best friend is an occupational therapist and she loves it.

    1. Well the good thing about a rough week is that it has to come to end at some point right!? I just stopped by your blog, love it! xoxo

  2. That sounds like a bummer of a week. I had one of those last week too and it was awful. And why is it that bad television always seems so help?
    Congrats on getting into a school. Even if it's not your first choice it's still a super impressive accomplishment.
    Hang in there! Hopefully this week will be better!

    1. I think bad television allows us to see how good our lives actually are haha. I absolutely love reading your blog, thanks so much for swinging by!! xoxo


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