Jennifer Blake: Friday favorites

Friday favorites

February 10, 2012

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you literally accomplished nothing!? I have a never ending to do list but I was so unmotivated this week. So today, I am actually going to attempt and be productive. I was however very successful on Pinterest, I was on so much this week...I blame Pinterest for my lack of desire to do anything productive like homework. Here are some lovely things I found this week...

favorite Superbowl commercial.

favorite recipe.

favorite DIY.
t-shirt this!

favorite style.
an incredibly gorgeous dress

favorite message

favorite Ellen moment.

favorite quote.
the history of love.

Did you find any new recipes or videos worth watching? Or spend hours on Pinterest to distract yourself from life? Link up and share your favorites, or leave some comment loving! 


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  1. Hey're tagged in an 11 things ditty on my pressure to do it if you don't want!

    Also, how delicious do those breakfast bombs look?! Healthy too!


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