Jennifer Blake: friday favorites

friday favorites

February 17, 2012

I am still eagerly awaiting a letter from my first choice graduate school and the wait seems to make the weeks drag on! Seriously, don't schools know they are just torturing you by making you wait? Maybe today will be the today. Needless to say I have been distracting myself with Pinterest...I mean what else would I do? So here are a few lovely things I found this week...

favorite piece of Art...I need this in my house!
 favorite DIY: nails & wood...easy enough?
 favorite laugh.
 favorite space. I need a nook.
 favorite quote.
favorite video.

favorite blog to waste time on this week, a foreign land by the lovely Molly!



  1. Man, those Ryan Gosling "hey girl" pins make me laugh so hard! I hope you hear from that school soon. Academic torture is no fun. Also, I FINALLY got around to responding to that 11 things post. That was so much fun. Thanks for including me. I really wanted to tag you back but I figured that was excessive. LOL.

    1. I loved your 11 things post!! It such a fun way to get to know other bloggers!

  2. Eep! Love the new design! Everything is so pretty and that pic of you two is adorable.

    That Ryan Gosling pin is way too applicable to my life. In that I spend all day in pj's...not that J comes home and rubs my feet. =)

  3. Thanks, it was from our engagement pictures! I am trying to learn more about photoshop and stuff so playing around with the header was fun! And aren't PJ days the best though?!

  4. Cute blog! Love this post... the Ryan Gosling pin made me laugh! I can honestly say I spend too much time on Pinterest.. on a daily basis ;)

    Follow each other?
    Stop by anytime!
    <3 Karen from

    1. Thanks! I am pretty sure I would be way more productive if Pinterest never came out.


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