Jennifer Blake: just keep swimming.

just keep swimming.

February 6, 2012

Monday's and I have never been good friends, we just don't see eye to eye on things, this one has been no exception. Do you ever have a to do list that is 8 million miles long and you get so overwhelmed that you just sit and think about how you are not doing your to do list? That's me. Right now. There are too many school assignments to do. There are too many dishes piled in the sink. There are too many emails to return. There are too many wedding details that need to be figured out...and so on. I wish there was just a big PAUSE button on life! I'm not complaining and I am lucky to have so many opportunities and plans that keep me busy, sometimes it just gets too overwhelming when I think about everything at once. Today was supposed to be a 'Dream Big' series post, but somewhere along the line it got lost in my big to do list and I was not prepared to post it this morning, I promise if you come back next Monday one will be here! 
For me I think the best thing to do is conquer one task at a time, and then move on to the next. So that is what I am off to do, woohoo! Best of luck for all of you out there with a never ending to do list!! 

...and since I also dropped the ball on the picture of the day challenge, enjoy yesterdays picture...

10 AM


  1. Hope your life slows down enough for you to get a handle on it, but not too much. That would be boring!

  2. I can totally relate! There is not enough time in the day at the moment...and I'm never quite sure how it gets away from me.

    Keep breathing...Monday will be over soon. =)

    1. Maybe when life slows down we can meet up??


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