Jennifer Blake: lazy Sundays.

lazy Sundays.

February 12, 2012

What a fabulous weekend! Let's see Friday we went for a nice long walk, strolled along Newbury street, and stopped in a candy store to buy some jelly beans. We decided that we wanted to get something really yummy to eat at the grocery store on our way home, and of course it couldn't be healthy, right? We got a giant cookie cake and indulged for the night. Then we came home and snuggled on the couch while we watched TV. Saturday we did absolutely nothing and it was absolutely perfect! We watched some TV, played some cards, and dabbled in some homework. I also made some Turkey chili for dinner along with homemade french bread (I will share the recipes this week). It was the perfect night for comfort food, since it was so cold outside! Today we have been chiseling away at our homework and sporadically watching TV while cuddling on the couch. We just ordered a pizza and are looking forward to watching the Grammys! It was a lazy-do-nothing-relaxing-fabulously-splendid weekend.

Anyone else enjoy a nice lazy weekend?! Or do something fun and exciting!?


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