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new places & new people

February 23, 2012

Yesterday, I had the luxury of meeting an absolutely darling blogger named Clair, who writes finding clarity. She has been featured on my blog before as part of my dream big series, I felt like I knew so much about her simply from reading her blog every day, so when we brought up the idea of meeting, I was thrilled (and nervous). I moved to Boston about 8 months ago, I have loved the experience of city living, but I certainly have not loved the lack of friends in the area. Aaron (my fiancé) is in school A LOT, and even though I am also in school, I have found it difficult making 'adult friendships'. I am a relatively shy and sometimes awkward person- so meeting Clair in person was nerve racking. Honestly, when we first started talking over coffee yesterday I felt like we were just friends catching up, not friends meeting for the first time. It was a lovely feeling. Maybe it's that fact that she is an absolute sweetheart? Maybe it's the fact that we share a common love of blogging? And a common love of girly chit-chat, as well as coffee? I think it is all those things and more, but it was such a great afternoon and I am so happy we were able to meet up. We talked for a couple hours about everything from blogging (of course) to wedding planning and relationships. The other great part about yesterday is that we went to a new coffee place to meet, neither one of us had been there before. I loved it! It is called Refuge Cafe. The feel in side was very low-key and mellow, and the coffee was delicious. I love trying new places, especially when it involves coffee!

I think I am starting to realize that I don't need a huge group a friends like I always thought I did, but rather a few who enrich my life and that I love spending time with.

So here's to forming new friendships & enjoying new places!

I came across this article last night, and found it all too appropriate, enjoy!



  1. Yay, I love meeting blogger friends! They truly are the best, and no matter what you always feel as though you've known them for years. Glad you had a great time and made a real life blog pal!

  2. New friends that feel like old ones are the best.
    I'm headed over to check out Clair's blog now! Thanks for the introduction. :)

  3. are too sweet!

    I am SO glad we are officially real life friends. =) And it's pretty unbelievable how much we have in common.

    Great article...super appropriate.

    1. It was unbelievable how much we had in common! I could have probably talked for a few more hours haha


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