Jennifer Blake: sometimes


February 13, 2012


I can't stop myself from wishing I had chosen a different path in school.

I want to freeze frame the happy moments, the moments full of laughter and smiles. 

I find it mildly concerning when I go into the drawer to eat one Oreo and end up eating an entire row!

I want to soak up all of the knowledge from books I can. 

I decide to take the plunge and actually pick some of the smaller details for the wedding.

It really hits me that there is less than 8 months until our wedding.

I can't believe how lucky I am when Aaron surprised me with the littlest things and shows me how much he loves me. 

I feel like I never, never, ever want to become a working adult- I love school and learning too much.

I feel like a really good person when those around me are happy and I somehow played a role. 

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