Jennifer Blake: weekend.


February 26, 2012

It has been a weekend filled with Easter colored almond M&M's and a visit from family! Friday Aaron and I decided to hide inside and avoid the rain, we ate way too much junk, enjoyed a little wine, and watched a few videos. 
May I suggest this TED video and this one. We also started watching FRIENDS from the very beginning, since we just finished The Big Bang Theory. 
Saturday we went into Brookline in the morning to visit our favorite bookstore, as well as get some groceries from Trader Joes. Then our families came! My mom came to visit, as well as Aaron's parents and older brother. We hung out at the apartment for a bit, catching up, and then we hopped on the T and headed to Kenmore. We had reservations at Petit Robert Bistro, the Brighton location is literally next to our apartment, unfortunately they were booked! 

Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, wine, and dessert! I tried the potato croquettes...fried mashed potatoes, whats not to love? I then opted for a healthier entree, the Vegan Quinoa, Farro and Lentil Cake. I should have snapped a picture, but I was too busy devouring it! We enjoyed their house white wine, it was sweet, but very delicious! The prices are also very reasonable. I would highly recommend it for anyone in the Boston area. 
Today, we are tackling our homework and studying, hopefully enjoying a nice walk, and relaxing before the hustle and bustle of the week starts again. Spring break is so close, we just need to make it through this week!

What did you do this weekend? Try any new restaurants?


  1. Hello from a new reader, you have such a beautiful blog! (I especially love your header).It sounds like you had a great weekend! xo- Berni

  2. Yummm, fried mashed potatoes kind of sound like heaven on earth.
    We tried a new restaurant this weekend too! Just posted about it - Chicago stuffed pizza anyone?

    Happy to hear you had a great visit with fam!


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