Jennifer Blake: weekend.


February 21, 2012

This weekend was filled with friends, coffee, long walks, and a little culture. Friday our friend Sean came to visit, we chatted for a while, went out for burgers, and chatted some more over a game of mille borne.

Saturday Aaron played basketball and I did some stuff around the apartment, as well as laced up my running sneakers and went for a run in the absolute BEAUTIFUL weather we had. 

Saturday night we ventured into a new area relatively close to our apartment that we have not been to before. We found a Stop & Shop, HomeGoods, and a Dollar Store! I was most excited about HomeGoods! Then we walked to Starbucks, enjoyed a nice coffee and chatted a bit. We got home, made some dinner, and laughed a lot while watching The Big Bang Theory.

Sunday, I woke up early and made Aaron breakfast in bed! Then we ventured into Boston so Aaron could take me to my Valentines present! We spent the afternoon at the Isabella Gardner Museum, it was beautiful and fabulous. Then we ventured to the Boston Public Library, but they were closed when we got there due to the Holiday weekend. So of course we went to our back up plan (which is always the same), we went into Brookline to visit our favorite bookstore and cafe. We enjoyed sandwiches at Temptation's and browsed the bookstore, ultimately buying nothing, we just love browsing. Then we rented Midnight in Paris from Redbox and went home. We made dinner, curled up on the couch and both fell in love with the movie. I highly recommend it!!

Yesterday, we spent a majority of the day watching The Big Bang Theory and relaxing. We went to Shaws and did some grocery shopping, and then ate dinner while we watched our favorite comedy on Monday nights, How I Met Your Mother.
It was a fun and relaxing weekend, I love weekends where we have time to spend with each other, they are perfect. What did you do this weekend?!



  1. I know the Stop&Shop you're talking's where J and I go to just browse if we're feeling bored. =) So strange, I know...

    I have also heard so much about Temptations but haven't been yet. The ISG museum too! Ah...too much.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!
    I loved Midnight in Paris too. So much fun.


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