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friday favorites.

March 23, 2012

Cheers for Friday! And not just any Friday, but HUNGER GAMES FRIDAY!!! Aaron had a big test today so we were not able to go to the midnight showing, but I am eagerly awaiting 1:40 because I will be happily sitting in my seat waiting for Peeta to take my breath away. 
This week was slow...most likely because I was still in vacation mode and had no interest in sitting in class while it was 80 degrees outside, especially in a classroom that has no windows. I spent every spare second I had outside this week, so I do not have too many lovely things for you, but here ya go!

Favorite DIY: sharpie on the lampshade, yes please!
 Favorite quote:
 Favorite recipe: I have been craving s'mores all week, I think that means I have to make these this weekend!
 Favorite wedding idea: love love love!
 Favorite room idea: no babies in the near future, but I LOVE the colors of this room, and the chevron wall. 
 Favorite decor: I have had an obsession with ampersands lately. 
 Favorite Easter Idea: dying eggs with string. 

Now for a few lovely links... 

I posted this TED talk about vulnerability a little while ago, well this is the same amazing lady giving a TED talk on shame. LISTEN.
                                                                  Ever feel not good enough? Here's the cure.
Relationship advice from the longest living married couple. So cute!
10 things to remind yourself each day.
How cool is this??! Scrabble lover.

Well thats all. Happy Hunger Games! May the odds ever be in your favor ;)


  1. Okay, so I realized that there are (count 'em) EIGHT holds on The Hunger Games from my library. So I caved and ordered them...can't wait until they're here!!!

    1. Eeeh! I am going to see the movie in approximately 2 hours! I can't wait for you to read them, and perhaps make some food from them for your Friday series!!


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