Jennifer Blake: hazey.


March 14, 2012

I swear this past week and this week I have been stuck in a haze, which is the reason for my lack of blogging, I just haven't found anything worth writing inspiration. However today, I woke up feeling fresher, and slightly more inspired...just slightly. Maybe a little blogging break did me some good? Who knows. 
Anyways, the past week has consisted of wedding fun and lots of sunny walks! Also, a little baking and cooking.

I made a delicious taco soup on Monday in the crockpot, it was super simple and made enough for plenty of left overs for the week, which makes me one happy girl because that means dinners have been easy! 
I used this recipe mainly...and tweaked some things. I also made some delicious french bread to go with it, I used the same recipe that I used when I made it to go along with my chili. 

Mostly we just have been spending time together and enjoying the nice weather, we even tried to find the sunset yesterday behind all of the tall buildings. 

I love capturing little moments in instagram, its so nice to be able to snap random moments to look back on. I am tackling a really small and simple DIY project this afternoon so I will be back later to share it!



  1. Your taco soup looks very yum - I can't believe I haven't tried something like that yet

    1. Its so good, and it honestly taste like you are devouring taco's!! The only change I would make for next time is to either add a tiny bit less water or just add a little more of the spices!


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