Jennifer Blake: April.


April 1, 2012

It's the 1st of April, crazy right? I can't believe that it is already April, but I am oh so happy that it is. I am not a fan of March, never really have been. April brings so many good things, and I can't help, but smile because of it!

April means...

- We are in full swing with Spring, occasional rain showers, sunshine, and beautiful flowers. Nothing better.
- In exactly 20 days, Aaron and I will celebrate 5 years of being together!
- In just under 6 months Aaron and I are getting married! 
- April is my last full month of this school semester. 
- It means more late night walks, with warmer air. 
- April is the last full month we will be in this's bittersweet. 
- April means happiness. 
- April means that I need to get off my butt and find a florist and baker!
- April means iced coffee 
- April means flip flops and skirts

What does April mean to you? 

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  1. April means beautiful blooms and warmer weather. Oh and starting to think of all the fun ways to play this summer!!

    Good luck with the florist and baker selections.


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