Jennifer Blake: blog cleanup

blog cleanup

April 24, 2012

Notice anything new around here? No? Let me take you on a tour then...

I hunkered down at my computer for a few hours the other day and learned how to make social networking buttons. Seriously guys, I know nothing about html or anything in that realm...and I think I made the process way more difficult than it needed to be, but alas you will now find three lovely pink social networking buttons on your right hand said, so come follow me on Twitter and Pinterest, or perhaps send me a sweet little email!

Also, I am going to try doing a sponsor swap for the month of May! I promise it will be worth it and I will network your little old blog or shop like crazy. I am perfecting the art of making blog buttons, so if you need help I am your go to gal!



  1. I love your social networking buttons! Where did you find them or how did you make them? Hah I'm not very computer savvy with this stuff! Also, what program do you use to make your blog buttons? I used Picnik but now that it doesn't exist anymore, I'm not sure what to use! I should have just sent you an email with these questions Haha..

    <3 Karen

    1. I can post a little tutorial about them, I used photoshop elements, but there are programs like pic monkey that is JUST like picnik! I basically googled how to make them, but I didn't find one tutorial specifically helpful so I basically used trial and error.

    2. Thank you so much for introducing me to pic monkey! I just made new blog buttons on there! :) Anyway, about the social networking buttons.. That would be awesome if you did a little tutorial!


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