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Dream Big

April 9, 2012

Meet Ilene Joyce (aka illy), from Much Love, illy!
Age: 27

Much Love, illy, is a lifestyle/fashion blog where I record daily life, outfit posts, fashion inspiration, or random tid-bits. I’m pretty random, so that’s what you’ll find on my blog!

Top three personal dreams you have and how you hope to reach them?

1) to write a book- This is a dream I have been pursuing all of my life. Jo March from Little Women was my idol, and I have journals stacked in my closet from the 1st grade and on. I plan to pursue this dream by continuing to write. Who knows? Maybe you'll see my name on the NY bestseller's list one day.

2) to establish an organization using art, creativity, and writing to encourage and inspire people - I know this dream might sound super vague but I have always had the dream (it started running full force when I started my shop and on various mission trips to the Philippines) of using art and creativity to encourage and inspire people, whether that looks like teaching them how to run their own handmade business or how to write creatively. Honestly not sure the specifics of how this works, but this is a dream that I’ve thought about for a long time and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to pursue it further as doors open. 

3) have a Starbucks drink named after me - I honestly don’t know how I’ll get this to happen, but I can dream right?! *wink* 

Best advice for someone trying to reach his or her dreams. 
Sounds cliche but I’d tell them to never give up and to have fun in the process! Dreams don’t happen overnight. You have to work hard and take it a day at time. And make sure you really, truly love it or all of it was a waste of time and was never your dream in the first place.

Favorite quote...

Thank you SO much Ilene for taking part in this series, I look forward to finding your name on the bestseller's list one day and perhaps ordering a drink from Starbucks named after you!!


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  1. She sounds awesome! I loved all of her answers!


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