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good food. good wine. good company.

April 25, 2012

As you could have probably determined from recent posts, last Friday Aaron and I celebrated 5 years. I think I still might be in shock from the fact that we have been together for 5 whole years. Its been incredibly amazing, but by no means easy, we are constantly working on our relationship and both put in our full effort almost every day.

Friday was perfect. We spent the afternoon walking around in the beautiful weather, I even managed to drag him into H&M for a little shopping, I worked my bargaining skills and snagged an entire outfit for just under 11 bucks! Jackpot!

After our jaunt around the city, we went back to the apartment and got ready for dinner. We booked reservations early in the week at Petit Robert Bistro, so we were both looking forward to it being 7! It was a little busy, our table was squished between two other tables, but it was still perfect. We enjoyed their delicious house wine, I enjoyed my chicken, and Aaron devoured his Salmon. We were hoping to split a dessert after, but we were way to full.

I am certainly NOT a fashion blogger, I can normally be found in leggings and a cardigan, but I made Aaron snap a picture of me because I was proud of the outfit I threw together.

The skirt was 25 cents from Forever21, I was not sure it was my style, but hey it was a steal and I ended up loving it.

It was a very successful day, and the best part was that I got to spend the entire day with Aaron .

What did you do this weekend?


  1. That skirt was really only 25 cents! I'm seriously impressed my dear. You look just fabulous, and it sounds like you had a beautiful evening. It's always fun to go on dates like that every once in a while ;)


  2. You are so leggy and gorgeous!!

    Also, I think I spy a pothos plant? I need to put a stick in mine like that!


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