Jennifer Blake: Sponsor Swap!

Sponsor Swap!

April 9, 2012

Hey Guys! So I have decided to start doing a sponsor swap, as a way to introduce you guys to some new bloggers! So here's the deal:
I will be accepting 5 sponsors max each month, and will allow you to do one guest post that month, only if you want to! Email me at simplisticlivinggirl(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested or have any questions!

Now meet one of my sponsors for this month, Bree! I have been reading her blog for a little while now and she is so wonderful and full of life!

Hey readers! I'm Bree, and I blog over at "The Thing About Joy..." A life style blog where you'll find things like:

-a college student trying to become a graphic designer
-ups and downs of life and how to always be thankful, no matter what!
-fun & pretty easy tutorials! Usually for my new house I’m still decorating.

I like to learn new things. Probably too much. If you asked my family they would probably say I try to do do many things, and want to learn to many things.
But... that's what makes me, me!

So if you're interested, I would love to have you stop by my blog and read more! I love to get to know my readers, and since my blog is still pretty small, it makes it easier for me to do! :))

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  1. Aww thank you dear!! <33 I am so happy to be one of your sponsors!


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