Jennifer Blake: The Proposal: "he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring"

The Proposal: "he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring"

April 19, 2012

Think of a moment in your life that you will always remember and know that no matter how much time passes you will hold that memory close to your heart. The weekend of December 11, 2010 will always be looked at as perfect in my eyes, I will never forget what we did, how I felt, or how magical the weekend was.

Aaron and I decided we really wanted to go back and visit NYC before we graduated from college, we decided that the weekend before finals would be the perfect time since we did not have finals until later the next week. We invited our close friends from home Stacey and Justin, and we set off for the big city December 10, 2010. I was so excited to be going around the holiday season, Christmas is my favorite and NYC has the most amazing decorations for it! We loaded the car and set off, the drive in was relaxing and we spent the time just catching up with everyones life. We arrived in the early afternoon, unloaded our bags, bundled up, and hit the road. We had no plans except for dinner reservations at a small Italian restaurant. We had all decided we really wanted to see a Broadway show, Aaron and I had good luck previously with getting day of tickets last time we were in a city, so we figured we would try again. Now I think I am down playing my love for Christmas, I am completely obsessed, and I start watching Christmas movies in like of my favorites is Elf, I could probably recite every line. Well, I knew Elf was playing at one of the theaters so I did my best to convince the others that we should try to get tickets for that. My convincing didn't quite work at first, as we walked around going in and out of theaters with no luck, we finally decided to try Elf. Guess what? We got four tickets, for pretty cheap, and pretty decent seats right in front! SO EXCITED. We had a lot of time to kill before dinner and the show so we walked around and took in all the holiday decorations, and of course did some shopping! Aaron and I even got our picture taken with Santa (it was free with a purchase of any item  at Aeropostale).
It was finally time for dinner, the place we chose was family owned and very small. The food was incredible, the only down side was that our drinks were not free refills and we continued to order them (whoops!), this would probably not be a downfall if the four of us were not poor college kids. Overall, it was a great meal, I could barely contain my excitement for Elf though. After dinner we ventured over to the theater and took our seats. Well, the show did not disappoint. I mean sure they left out some of my favorite parts from the movie, but it was still really funny and entertaining. We decided we wanted to walk around for a little while longer after the show, just to take in all the scenery. We finally made it back to the apartment we were staying at a little after twelve-thirty. It was a LONG day, but we all had so much fun. When we got back I immediately put on my new PJ pants and my cozy sweatshirt, I was ready to pass out. Well Aaron had other plans, he begged me to go outside for a walk in the little park by the river that we always visit when we are there. Umm hello?! It's 1am in NYC...this does not sound safe to me, plus I'm exhausted. I gave him a big fat no. Well five minutes later we were out the door, PJ's and all. We walked down the little stone path and headed to our favorite part by the river, I was a nervous wreck, I honestly thought someone was going to attack us. I was constantly looking over my shoulder and being the paranoid freak that I am. Well Aaron started talking about how he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then I looked over my shoulder again to make sure we were safe, and when I looked back, there he was on one knee! Holding the prettiest ring in the world!
First their was shock. Then there were tears. Then there was a YES! Then a quick glance behind me to make sure no one was in the woods. Then lots of hugs and kisses. Finally my paranoia got the best of me and I made him go back to the apartment. We walked in and I immediately stuck out my hand to Stacey, with a little confusion I manage to stumble the words Aaron proposed out of my mouth. Then there were more hugs and congratulations. I was so happy to share that moment with two of my best friends. I decided I would call my mom because I tell her everything and thats what you do right, call your mom? Well I scared her because it was now well after 1 in the morning and her immediate thought was that something was wrong. She was so confused and I don't think she realized what I was telling her at first. Then she caught on, gave her congratulations and started crying, so I said my goodbyes and told her to go back to bed. I would have immediately called my dad, but he was in Iraq so how I was going to tell him was a bit tricky. I was going to call the rest of my family, but decided I would let them have their beauty sleep and call them in the morning. Imagine trying to sleep after all of that, well I was exhausted so eventually I manage to drift off into a happy sleep.

We woke up the next morning, I checked my hand to make sure the ring was there and that I was not dreaming the whole thing, and it was surely there! Aaron and I spent the morning calling our family and friends. We were planning to leave the city in the late afternoon so we set off for some more site seeing (mainly shopping) and took in our last hours of the city.

The whole weekend was magical and perfect. The proposal was simple and sweet, just the way I had imagined it would be. I will never forget 12/11/10.

Also online high five for anyone that actually read through this whole story, its long I know! 

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  1. What a sweet story! I always love hearing love stories, so this is just great. Wishing you a happily ever after my dear ;)



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