Jennifer Blake: Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

May 24, 2012

Guys, I'm turning 23 on Sunday! Normally I am excited about my birthday, but it just kind of feels lost in the bustle and hustle of everything we have going on right now. We are moving into a new apartment on Saturday and so our lives have been a chaotic mess of packing and getting ready to move. Who knew moving involved so much? I love to shop, but living on an extremely tight budget really doesn't allow much luxury, and I am totally fine by that, but I figured in the spirit of my birthday some online wish list making would be fun.

If I could pick the best present in the whole world it would be this guy...
The canon EOS T3i 18mp camera. Seriously just looking at it makes my heart flutter. I'm going crazy without having a working camera. 
Now on a slightly smaller scale...

Love this Erin Condren iPhone case, with my name on the bottom of course.
Also, I am in need of a new planner and Erin Condren releases the new one in mid-June! 
Her planners are kind of amazing...just watch the video for last years planner and tell me you don't want one. 

I have also been holding myself back on purchasing these shoes, I just can't fork out that kind of cash, but oh how I wish they were on my feet

I have been scouring Etsy shops too, and have fallen so in love with so many things, but I am dying for one of these prints.
- A custom one of me and Aaron from Though Very Humble.
- This print from Rosie Music, I also love this one!

Making a wish list can be fun, it also motivates me to save my pennies! That way when I can afford it, its really fulfilling knowing how hard I had to work for it!

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Happy birthday!! I had no idea you were moving so soon...good luck with the transition. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll unwrap that camera on Sunday. =)

  2. i got toms for graduation and i absolutely love them! they're totally worth the money!


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