Jennifer Blake: Book Review: Balancing Acts

Book Review: Balancing Acts

May 22, 2012

Debut author Zoe Fishman wrote Balancing Acts, a heartfelt book that displays the lives of four very different, but also very similar women. I found the book on the bargain table at our local bookstore and it had a yoga mat on the cover- I was hooked by the cover, I won't lie.
Then when I got home I immediately went to Good Reads to see the ratings for the book, they were NOT very good. Some people said nice things, but most of the ones I read were terrible, my bubble of happiness was bursts so the book sat on my bookshelf collecting dust for a bit. As school came to an end I decided I needed a light and uplifting read so I gave the book a shot. I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with all four characters and their stories.
Bess writes tabloids and is in a long distance relationship, trying to figure out how to be the writer she always wanted (not in tabloids), as well as trying to figure out how to make distance work.
Sabine is single and trying to find love. She is stuck at a job that she hates and had hopes of moving up the ladder a while ago, but sometimes life gets in the way. She is on a journey to find romance and fulfillment in life.
Charlie is single and hung-up on her past, desperately trying to figure out how to be happy again. She left behind a comfortable life to open a yoga studio and is working to find balance and happiness again.
Naomi is a single mom working hard to raise her son, and finding her passion in life. She faces some troubling health issues and does her best to stay strong, but as you read you realize everybody has their breaking point.
Four women all looking for fulfillment in life and trying their best to balance the craziness of life, they are long lost friends reunited by a 10 year school reunion, they face some highs and lows together, and the book lets you follow them on their journey to happiness. Yoga opens all of them to a new world and connects them to each other in ways they never expected.
Two of my favorite things about the book were first that the women went to Boston University and they mentioned Commonwealth Ave which is basically where I live so it was pretty cool to read it in the book. The second thing I loved about the book was the flow of the writing. I felt like I was just talking to friends, the language was casual and laid back, which some people might not enjoy, but I loved the writing and flow!
I would highly suggest the book to anyone looking for a heartwarming and uplifting, light read.

Have you read anything good lately? I am always looking for new suggestions!


  1. I just finished a book about friendship set in my town too! That kinda makes us book twins, right? ;)

    So glad you enjoyed this one. It sounds like perfect light, summer reading.

    1. Absolute book twins! I swear we were made to be best friends, distance doesn't matter, right? ;) I just saw the book you read on Good Reads, how was it?!

  2. Oh! Definitely checking this out. I'm always looking for a good book to read! :)


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