Jennifer Blake: over the weekend we...

over the weekend we...

May 21, 2012

After being in NH all week to get done some wedding tasks, we decided to relax for the day. We spent the morning getting some chores done around the apartment, followed by an afternoon of watching FRIENDS (were on season 7!)  and ended the night with a short walk, and a little reading before bed.

Every year we look forward to the free concert known as Earth Fest, at the hatch shell in Boston. We were not able to go last year because we were graduating, but we certainly made it a point to go this year. The lineup was SO good. There was one local band followed by Eve 6, Switchfoot, The Spin Doctors, and Third Eye Blind. The entire concert is free to the public and is primarily sponsored by Whole Foods and other organic and green companies! Not only do they always have amazing bands, but there are booths and tables that you are able to walk around to and get free samples of foods and other goodies. We scored a bunch of free samples from seventh generation cleaning products, cilantro seeds to grow from Chipotle, reusable grocery bags from Natures Path, samples of Vitamin Water, and so many other free items. Totally worth checking out if you are in and around the Boston area next year. The weather was gorgeous to be outside in, and my shoulders are bright red and certainly feeling all the sun I got yesterday!
By the time the concert was over we were hungry and wanted to get out of the sun, so we headed to grab some dinner with friends at the cheesecake factory. We ended the night by reading on the couch (I was excited to start a new book, The Five Love Languages), perfect ending to a perfect day.

We woke up with the urge to walk into Coolidge Corner, it also helped that our fridge was pretty bare so a trip to Trader Joe's was pretty necessary. We enjoyed the nice walk and ended up stopping by the bookstore, grabbing some coffee at Starbucks, and getting a few groceries. Moving day is getting closer and closer, so we decided that we had better start packing. We packed a lot of our living room, and started in the bedroom. I finally decided to call it quits around 6 because my back was sore and the couch was calling my name. We spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch watching TV and relaxing.

What did you do this weekend? Start reading anything new or enjoy the sunny weather? 


  1. Waahh...I had Earth Fest on my summer to-do list and just completely missed it!! Sounds like it was so much fun. We'll have to be sure to catch it next year.

    You're moving soon! We totally need to have a date...we're going away this weekend though, so I hope you're around in June still. =)

  2. I love the 5 love languages. I read 5 love languages for singles before I got married. It was really good, and it helped me understand myself and others a lot more :)

    I also love Trader Joe's, woo!



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