Jennifer Blake: over the weekend...

over the weekend...

May 29, 2012

I love long weekends, especially when my birthday falls on one. I am beyond exhausted but it was a pretty successful weekend.

I decided I wanted nothing to do with cooking dinner, so we went to Chipotle with our buy one get one free coupon and enjoyed some chicken burritos! After dinner we decided to finish packing the rest or the apartment, followed by relaxing on the couch. We decided we wanted not to waste our last full night in the city, so we walked to our favorite fro-yo place and bookstore. Then we went out with friends for some drinks and dancing at the Joshua Tree. It was a perfect night before moving in the morning.

Can you say disaster? Ever move and have every possible thing that could go wrong, go wrong? Let me start by saying our 26' u-haul got very stuck. Stay tuned for the moving fiasco post later. We spent all day Saturday loading the u-haul, unloading the u-haul, unpacking boxes, and melting to death in the heat through it all. We were so lucky to have family and friends helping us. Aaron and I were excited to be in our new place, its gorgeous, and we love it. Plus, we have an incredible view from the 19th floor over looking our new city of Worcester. Trust me I am a Boston lover, Worcester doesn't even compare, but we will make the best of it and it will be our new home. We ventured out Saturday night to the grocery store because we were starving, and we got used to the area a bit. Then we plopped on the couch and ended the night by watching Big Bang Theory.

It was my birthday so we made a deal to not spend the entire day unpacking. We spent the morning scoping out places we might want to find in the area. We then decided to take a drive to a nearby town, we found an awesome antique store and of course had to stop so we spent a ton of time looking at awesome antiques (quite pricey, but fun nonetheless), then we found a great outdoor shopping center with some factory stores (score!). We also found a Target which pretty much made my day. We enjoyed lunch and dessert at UNO's, followed by some shopping at Banana Republic. Aaron bought me the cutest dress for my birthday, he even picked it out in the store, I love love love it! We then went to Barnes and Noble and Aaron let me pick out a bargain book, which was awesome because we have been on a book buying ban until we each read 30 of the ones we already have! I picked out Heart of the Matter, anyone read it? I hope it's good! After we were done exploring the area we headed home to unpack a little. After getting rid of some boxes and feeling less overwhelmed we headed out to the grocery store and grabbed ingredients to make taco's. Aaron whipped up some taco's while I unpacked more things, and we settled on the couch for the night with some taco's and Big Bang Theory on the TV. We also enjoyed a delicious cake, with bright pink frosting! Aaron arranged the candles in the form of the number 23, and I made the same wish I have been making for years. Hopefully it keeps coming true.
Today we spent the morning unpacking a few more boxes, there are only three left to unpack and just a bunch of pictures that I need to find homes for! We are loving the new place and are starting to find a home for everything. My dad came to visit in the afternoon and took us out to lunch. We went to UNO's and I had some delicious pizza skins. If you haven't tried theirs, go now and do it. Seriously. So good. He then brought us back to our apartment in Boston. So for the next three nights we are sleeping on an air mattress and spending our time cleaning and gathering the last few things. We have to be out on the 31st, so that's when we will head back to Worcester.

How was your long weekend? Do anything fun?!

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