Jennifer Blake: This week we...

This week we...

May 18, 2012

It has been a busy week, which normally I am not a fan of, but when the tasks are fun that make the week busy I am okay by it.

This week we...
- Finalized our wedding cake
- Picked out Tuxedo's for the guys
- Finalized our flowers
- Enjoyed the first soft serve twist of the summer season
- Made delicious Hawaiian vacation drinks
- Enjoyed the company of a friend while we talked about the future
- Spent time with our families
- Enjoyed delicious chocolate cake from the 99
- Bought some small decorations for the wedding
- Finished buying our centerpieces
- Got a phone call saying my wedding dress is ready!
- Got the final design finished for our invitations
- Ate more donuts than we probably should have
- Attempted making our own juice, and realized how much we dislike Kale.

Being without a camera lately is killing me, my iPhone just doesn't fulfill my photography needs. I managed to snap a few photos this week, sorry for their lack of quality!

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  1. Holy Cannoli! What a week. You are crossing off so many wedding to dos. You must be getting so, so excited.


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