Jennifer Blake: June Intentions

June Intentions

June 1, 2012

May has come and gone, for having 31 days it certainly passed in a blur. If you miss my intentions for May check them out here. I am pretty happy with how they went, except for the exercise one...I need to find some motivation to get better! My communication goal is an ongoing one, I am certainly finding myself communicating better, but somedays go better than others. 
For June I really wanted to focus on myself and set simple and concise intentions. I also kept the list short, that way I can focus on each one and really put my effort into them, rather than creating a long list and feeling overwhelmed. I start work in June, and we are officially all moved in. It will be a month of getting into a new routine and settling in. 
What does June hold for you?!

Happy June!

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  1. I love these intentions. Last month I wanted to do the same, and then before I knew it, the month was over. :D


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