Jennifer Blake: Over the Weekend.

Over the Weekend.

June 25, 2012

I have been losing track of the days, now that I am working I no longer have designated weekends, it's AWFUL. I hate not having my weekends off, the only good thing is that we finally have money coming in and since Aaron isn't working and basically done with school we only have to work around my schedule, so we still get time for fun stuff! This weekend was kind of a bust, mainly because I have a really bad cold that has taken every ounce of energy from me, especially after working 12 hour days.

I worked all day and was completely exhausted when I got home at 6. But Aaron made dinner for us, we played cards, and I passed out by 9:30...I know exciting right?

I didn't get home until close to 7, I decided that I was going to force myself to be a little more lively tonight. We spent the evening eating dinner and watching FRIENDS. We own all 10 seasons and we have been working our way through them the last couple months, we just finished season 9!! I had see most of the episodes in this season, but FRIENDS never gets old. It was nice to unwind and have a few laughs together. We both decided we wanted to read a while before bed, so we crawled into bed, snuggled under the covers, and I got taken away by Harry on a journey through Hogwarts. I have been re-reading the series and I am about half way through the Order of the Phoenix.

I was so excited to have most of the day off. I didn't have to be in until 6 that night, so I decided that no matter how tired or sick I felt we were going to make the most of our day. We spent the morning relaxing and then ventured out to Westborough, MA. It was a cute town, and a perfect day to walk around! We found a lovely bookstore, and explored HomeGoods right next door. After driving around and doing a little shopping we stopped at one of my all time favorite restaurants, Not Your Average Joes! So. Good. They have this incredible drink called Jungle Juice, and their salads and burgers are scrumptious. The weather was gorgeous and I was so happy to have some time with Aaron, a perfect way to end the weekend.
A lovely stroll in down town Westborough!
One of my all time favorite restaurants! 
They have the best bread and oil, and the most amazing jungle juice!!
This week is going to be filled with long hours and little sleep, but I am ready for it and hoping it passes quickly!
What did you do this weekend? Hopefully you enjoyed the gorgeous weather? 


  1. Just came across your blog from Whispering Sweet Nothings. I'm in Boston. I love Not Your Average Joe's too! I look forward to reading more of your blog and I'm following you now.

  2. I found your blog from e-tells-tales and saw you're a local. I went to college out in Worcester and now live close to Westborough. It is a cute place to live and love the bread at Joes!


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