Jennifer Blake: over the weekend...

over the weekend...

June 18, 2012

This weekend was wonderful! The weather was pretty decent and A and I had the whole weekend to ourselves. 

On Friday I spent the morning relaxing and catching up on some things. 

1. Perfect day for stripes
2. Love getting awesome messages from Dove chocolates
3. I had the chance to catch up on some blogging while I enjoyed my morning coffee and fresh blueberries!
4. A and I enjoyed Chipotle for dinner, I love their burrito bowls! We had a buy one get one free coupon, so if was a nice cheap dinner date!
5. We stopped in Barnes and Noble after and I came out with this really inexpensive adorable tote bag! 
6. That night we were planning on watching a movie, but we decided some baking was in order, so we made a cake and watched How I Met Your Mother instead! 
We decided to venture into Boston for the day, I have been missing it like crazy lately and we had the day free so it worked out well.

7. We stopped by this adorable coffee house in the Boston Commons called The Thinking Cup. So dang good. I had a ginger vanilla latte and A enjoyed a cappuccino. 
8 + 9. More of the coffee house, A and I both thought their tables were awesome, each one had an old newspaper under the glass top. 

10. We decided to walk around Newbury street after. There was a HUGE long line outside of this store and we realized it was their grand opening. I stopped to admire all of the pink, and snapped a quick photo! 
11. A walk through the park is always a must. 
12. The gardens were in full bloom and so pretty
 13 + 14. We stopped at our second favorite place in Boston, the Boston Public Library, there were a lot of people reading outside and wandering around inside.
15. We stopped in the art gallery next to the library and enjoyed some of the new pieces that were up since the last time we were there.

16. We stopped in Anthropologie because a little birdie told me they were having a pretty good sale. I found a lot of lovely things, but didn't end up buying anything. 
17. Off too Brookline we went! I couldn't wait to get there, I love it so much. We decided to try the pizza place that had just opened before we moved called Otto. It was incredible. 
18. They had a lot of interesting pizzas, but we were so hungry we decided to just go with our standby favorite, pepperoni. 

We spent the entire day relaxing, catching up on some work, and just enjoying each others company. 
19. I did a lot of blog reading, and stumbled across a few new blogs! 
20. I decided it was time to paint my nails, I love the dark and light combo. 
21. After a day of basically doing nothing, we decided we deserved some ice cream so we ventured out to Coldstone. I enjoyed strawberry ice cream with Reeses cup, peanut butter sauce, and chocolate chips. A got cake batter ice cream with crushed Oreo. 
22. We stopped in Barnes and Noble because I have been dying to buy this book and finally decided it was worth the $24.00, I started reading it as soon as I got home and couldn't put it down.
23. We ended the night curled up in bed while we played some Skip-Bo.

 It was an oh so perfect weekend, and very relaxing! What did you do this weekend? 

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