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Picture Wall

June 27, 2012

Remember my 24 before 24 list? If not check it out here.

I have been slowly working on some projects for it and I just finished #5, create a picture wall in our new apartment. I love the way picture walls look, but I was nervous about doing one because I hate crooked pictures and in my mind all I could imagine was a bunch of random and crooked pictures hanging on the wall. Between doing a little research on the best way to do one, as well as talking it out with Aaron we ended up creating a picture wall that makes me smile every time I look at it! It was very fulfilling when we finished and for the most part everything is perfectly strait!

I started out by laying out all of my pictures on the floor, I am a fan of white frames, but decided that a mix of white and brown made it look a little more thrown together and added a little life to it. I played around with the layout of the frames, as well as what was in the frames. Aaron received a large specially framed picture for his birthday of a cartoon that he used to love as a kid, Cowboys of Moo Mesa. When the cartoon was out, each scene was hand drawn and this is an actual hand drawn picture from a scene. I love incorporating what Aaron likes into the decor of our apartment, but I can't say I was overly thrilled hanging a giant picture of a cow in our apartment, just not my style. However, it was a gift he really loved and I liked the concept of it, so I made it the center of our picture wall (mainly because of size), I figured with other pictures around it maybe I wouldn't notice it as much. Honestly thought, now that it has been up for about a week, it is growing on me and fits in the display nicely.
After I decided on the layout of the frames, I took newspaper and measured out each frame and cut out newspaper to match the size, tracing the frame on the paper worked best for me. Next, I used painters tape to stick them to the wall in the exact layout I had on the floor. I realized the wall was a little skinnier than I had planned for so I had to do some slight adjustments. I left the newspaper templates up for a bit and just stared at the wall, I eventually decided I liked the layout and grabbed Aaron to help me start hanging.

This next part was a little tedious and I would suggest having some one help you to move the process along. I measured out with a ruler the exact location of the hole on the frame where it would be hanging, I then took those measurements and marked it out directly on the newspaper. My X served as the spot where Aaron could start hammering in nails. We had a pretty good system going of me measuring and him hammering. We nailed right over the newspaper so that it stayed even, then once we actually hung the frames we simply ripped the newspaper from the wall over the nail. This allowed for us to nail exactly where I marked, and it led to pretty straight and even frames!
Once all of the frames were up, we did a little straitening and a lot of staring, I had so much fun doing it and now every time I walk down our hall I can't help but smile! Two of the frames contain letter press prints from Ikea, two contain engagement pictures from the fall, the top frame has a page from Grimms fairytale Snow White, and the others contain pictures of our families!

Have you attempted a picture wall? What method did you use?


  1. It looks great! I really want to do one but it just seems oh so complicated! Ha! I hate hanging things but my mom is really good at it so one of these days I have to get her on it. Glad you got a good system down. I like the cow! :)

    1. It ended up being a lot easier than I thought! I would highly suggest doing one, they look so good on the wall!!


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