Jennifer Blake: Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

July 13, 2012

I have been brain storming and planning some new ideas for the blog, which is why my posts have not been as constant, plus time has been scarce lately. I am working on a new design and some content ideas, I will be sharing my ideas next week! For now enjoy some of my favorite things from the week...

DIY skirt tutorial: how simple and cool does this look? I am going to try it this weekend (hopefully).
 DIY canvas art: can't wait to try this! 
Favorite recipe: mmmm rocky road cookies, they look heavenly. They are on the menu to try soon!
Favorite organization idea: Martha Stuart has taken my breath away again, how awesome is the restored chest, see ya later metal filing cabinet. 
Favorite quote: I need to work on the last one. Sometimes when I get tired I tend to be blunt and not think about how my words affect others. 

Some of my favorite blogs from the week...

I finally had time to catch up on my google reader and stumbled across some new blogs in the process. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how many blogs you love to read?! I try to clean out my google reader, but I swear it grows more and more each day.
What were your favorite finds from the week? 

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