Jennifer Blake: So long sweet July.

So long sweet July.

July 31, 2012

I am SO sad that today is the last day of July, I wish it went a little slower. It was a month filled of so many fun things, but there was not enough time to do everything I wanted. I start school in August and have to kiss summertime goodbye in about 5 days. I am going to make the most out of the time that I am not in school and work, we still have things to cross of our summer manifesto list.

I did not finish all of my intentions for July, I tried to think of why and the only reason I came up with is that I got busy enjoying the sunshine and summertime, and life got a little busy.
 We half heartedly sat down and created a budget for July, and we didn't really end up sticking to it very well, I really want to make this a priority from now on, because it really helped us in June.  I also didn't get to finish Fire Starter, but I did read two leisure books, The Fault in Our Stars, and Crazy. I will be doing a book review for them this week!
I also didn't get to finish two things on my list, there just was not a enough time!

As for what I did tackle, well I worked hard on blogging early and getting some scheduled posts up, but I still had days where I just didn't have time to get anything written. It's summer though, and I refuse to spend it in front of my computer, and the posts I did write were heartfelt, so I think that counts more! We finally got to go to the beach, we drove to Good Harbor beach in early July it was so much fun.

As for our summer manifesto...
We still have quite a few of these to accomplish! We need to have a picnic still, visit Newport, find our favorite spot (which I am starting to doubt we will ever find, Worcester is just not for me), play mini golf, have a mini road trip, play tennis and go hiking. Geeze we really have not accomplished much on it, but we have had a pretty fun summer, hopefully we can make more time for this in August!

So that is about all we did in July, it was a perfect month.
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July was good.

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