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Life Lately

August 26, 2012

I have been MIA for most of the week, but it was my last week of grad school boot camp, I am happy to say I made it out alive! I start my fall semester this week. I hope to get back on a regular posting schedule starting this week, but hang in there while I get used to balancing school and work. For now enjoy some pictures from the past week or so...
 A few snap shots of the skyline and a beautiful sunset, and of course the inside of Starbucks.
 I started a new book this week, so far I really am enjoying it. I also snapped a picture from my yogi tea, I love the pomegranate green tea! Plus, I love their little sayings.
 I bought a book and hope to teach myself the basics of html and CSS, can you say new blog design?! I also decided to make brownies last weekend at 3 o'clock in the sounded like a good idea at the time. That last picture is the biggest diet coke we could find for our drive home.
 We went to visit a friend in NH and stopped to see J.D Salinger's barn on the way! The view from the are was incredible.
 Some more pictures of the barn, a wonderful picture of my best friend, and an afternoon stop at Starbucks after a long day of classes!
 As much as I try to keep up my appearance on the blog, I am NOT perfect. See how messy my apartment got last week? It was awful and stressful, but it happens. Sometimes laying on the couch with A is worth keeping the messy apartment.
We bought The Hunger Games special edition DVD this weekend, its been on replay. We also indulged in some sugar cookies, hot chocolate, and a game of cards while we watched How I Met Your Mother.

I have been struggling with finding balance, and have been trying really hard to appreciate the little things we get to do in my free time. Hopefully this balance thing will get better.


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  1. Ooh I love that photo of the skyline. That looks amazing.


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