Jennifer Blake: wedding advice from a dude.

wedding advice from a dude.

August 20, 2012

1) Now this first little tidbit may not be too popular with all you brides-to-be, but I feel compelled to say it. Unlike with some lists, in which the order of items it contains is irrelevant, this particular point is slotted at numero uno as a direct result of its importance.
Guys…It is OK for you to care about your own wedding! It is ok to have opinions and
to defend them until the only way to settle it is an impassioned best of 3 rock, paper, scissors
match. And should you lose said best of 3, it is ok to claim illegal procedure on the part of your
opponent and to demand a replay. Why? I’m glad you asked.
This is all acceptable behavior because, after all, odds are you were the one to ask HER
to marry YOU. You cared then about the prospect of a wedding, and I guarantee some items will come up about which you care as well. For example, your hatred of the color periwinkle, and there is no way you are letting that color adorn 4 ties and vests, 130 bows around chair covers, and 20 floral arrangements.

2) As it turns out rank order for the next two items is in fact irrelevant. As Marshall and Lilly remind us, the wedding you set out to have is never the one you end up having, so learn to roll with the punches. Should anything go wrong, say your dream venue is entirely booked for the duration of your dream month, have back-ups and know that you will be extremely happy no matter what, as long as you and your spouse to be are truly right for each other.

3) Finally my last piece of advice is... decide what kind of party you are throwing and pick your DJ carefully based on that, and do so early!!! If we had to plan another wedding the DJ would be the first thing on the to-do list. We never could have imagined it would be so hard to find one we liked. No other piece of a wedding/reception has as big an impact on the atmosphere and funness as does the DJ.

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