Jennifer Blake: wedding update

wedding update

August 28, 2012

In 32 days I will be...
Walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress to my best friend. If all goes well the leaves will have started changing color, it will be a slightly warm fall day, and Aaron wont have frosted tips or a shaved head. We will be surrounded by our supportive family and friends, and it will be a most magical day.
I am feeling the pressure to get everything done, there is nothing big left to do, just many little things!

I still have to...
Figure out place cards
Make a seating chart
Make the centerpieces
Finish getting everything for the candy table
Find shoes
Get my bridesmaids gifts
Get Aaron a gift
Find a cake topper
Put together a music list
Determine our ceremony/vows
Finish a few secret projects that I will share after the wedding! 

I am sure there is more than this, but it is all I can come up with at the moment! It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that it will be here so soon, I am very ready for it to get here, but also wish I could freeze time for a bit! Anyone else gearing up for some fall weddings?! Or getting married yourself? 

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  1. Has he threatened to frost his tips or shave his head?!? No!!


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