Jennifer Blake: {Guest Post} Molly from A Foreign Land!

{Guest Post} Molly from A Foreign Land!

September 26, 2012

When Jenn mentioned she was looking for guest posters during her wedding week, immediately my mind went into a fugue-like state where taffeta, flowers and towering wedding confections were twirling and whirling around.

I loved our wedding. I loved planning our wedding. I loved attending our wedding. I loved every part of it. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to marry my husband all over again and pick out a whole new collection of pretty pieces.

Pieces something like this...

Speaking of pieces, the best piece of advice I had while planning our wedding several years ago was, “Worry less about planning your wedding and more about preparing for your marriage.”

At the time I thought it was a catchy phrase and it seemed like good enough advice. Now I know it is purely brilliant wisdom.

Here's the thing I've learned about marriage in the few years we've had together. The first "I Do" is magical and memorable and a true photo op. But it's all those other "I Dos" that you say in your head and in your heart every day that determine what kind of marriage you are going to have.

"I Do" respect him.
"I Do" find him really, really funny.
"I Do" trust him.
"I Do" learn so much from him.
"I Do" appreciate him.
"I Do" admire him.
"I Do" choose him.
"I Do" love him.

Here’s to many, many “I Do”s in your future, Miss Jenn!
Best wishes for a beautiful life together.

Molly is a social media junkie with a thirst for life long learning and an appetite for cupcakes. Currently she can be found falling madly in love with Chicago and chronicling the whole affair at her blog A Foreign Land. She also tweets up a storm under the guise of @mollypg.


  1. Thanks for sharing your space with me.
    Hope all the details are falling into place.

  2. Polka dots shoes and gloves? heck to the yeah!

  3. love the polka dots, Molly! great post! and congrats, Jenn!
    - Heather

  4. Molly, this a wise post, and fun too congrats Jenn!


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