Jennifer Blake: Lately


October 30, 2012

Lately life has been good. Oh so good.

Sunday was the perfect day for a cup of hot chocolate and never ending amounts of whip cream! Don't you agree? We spent the day hiding from hurricane Sandy, we cuddled, watched football, ate our weight in sugar cookies, sipped endless mugs of hot chocolate, and did I mention we watched a Christmas movie? It just felt appropriate to drink hot cocoa and watch Rudolph.
Since I procrastinated all day on Sunday, Monday was not as much fun. Monday entailed never ending research for a paper I am writing and a few breaks to play banana grams with Aaron. hurricane Sandy hit us pretty hard so we hid inside all day, and tried to soak up the water leaking in our windows. I spent most of Monday wishing we could go back to Sunday, but their will be other Sundays.

Hope everyone is safe from hurricane Sandy!

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